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December 4, 2016
Canadian Excellence


Tahni Phillips

MSc Candidate

Geography and Environmental Studies, WLU

Ecohydrology and Micrometeorology of a Saline Fen, Fort McMurray, Alberta.

My research is focused on understanding the ecohydrological processes and thermal properties of a saline fen in the Fort McMurray region, to gather information that can be used as a baseline study for fen reclamation on post-oil sands mining sites. Specifically, I am quantifying site-wide evapotranspiration (ET) through micrometeorology techniques to understand the seasonal partitioning of the flux.  As well, I am conducting community scale ET measurements to determine instantaneous rates among the microtopography, while monitoring the interactions between the dominant controls of vegetation and soils on the flux within the system. I am also measuring the spatial variation in salt concentration in the fen to determine its affect on instantaneous evapotranspiration rates between community scale sites.