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December 3, 2016
Canadian Excellence


Nicole Farquharson

MSc Candidate

Geography and Environmental Studies, WLU

Isotope hydrology of lakes in Wapusk National Park (Manitoba)

WNP was established in 1996 to protect a representative area of the Hudson Bay Lowlands (HBL), yet little is known about the hydrology of the freshwater basins that dominate this landscape, how they have responded to climate change and variability in the past, and how they will evolve in the future.  Water isotope tracers are being utilized to identify the relative influence of hydrological processes such as snowmelt, rainfall and evaporation on individual lake water balances and at the landscape scale, as well as their intra- and inter-annual variability.  Findings will contribute knowledge to anticipate hydrological changes in the HBL and provide sound scientific background for environmental management for WNP, an area identified as very sensitive to climate changes and which provides habitat for large populations of wildlife.