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October 27, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Workshop Presentations

- powerpoint presentations from the July 2010 workshop (in pdf)

Overview of Contribution Agreement and Laurier’s CFI - Jim McGeer

Goals and objectives of Northern Voices: Northern Waters - Jane McMullen

Presentation of Wilfrid Laurier University research

- Current research in NWT: 

Brent Wolfe

Rich Petrone.

Bill Quinton

 Mike English

  - Additional capacity

Scott Smith & Robin Slawson.

 Jim McGeer, Mike Wilkie & Deb MacLatchy.

GNWT Presentations – current research, programs and policies

- Science Agenda, Ray Case.

- Forest Management Policy, Tom Lakusta

- GNWT Climate Change Adaptation Strategy,  Jim Sparling

- GNWT Geomatics, Helmut Epp

Other research initiatives and policy presentations

- INAC,  Bob Reid

- INAC,  Steve Kokelj

- CSW-EC, Dale Ross

- DFO - Lorraine Sawdon & Deanna Leonard

- Parks Canada,  Stuart McMillan

- Ecology North,  Shannon Ripley

- Pembina Institute,  Jennifer Dagg