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December 8, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Met. Station, Hudson Bay Lowlands


Hydrology of the Mackenzie Basin Deltas Using Isotope Tracers: Past and Present (Wolfe)

Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere Interactions as Influenced by Hydrologic Conditions in Northern Ecosystems (Petrone)

Deriving open tundra snow cover information for climatological analysis from spaceborne passive microwave data (English)

Integration in Resource and Environmental Planning and Management: Concepts, Methods, and Evaluation at Multiple Scales (Slocombe, Armitage)

The Influence of Active Layer Development on Surface Water Quality in Low Arctic Tundra (English)

Hydrological Response of Northern Wetland Basins in Discontinuous Permafrost (Quinton)

Runoff Processes and Model Development (Quinton)

Ecohydrological and Biogeochemical Processes in the Western Boreal Plain (Petrone)

Integrative Forest Planning Regulation (Hanna)