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June 27, 2017
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Bilateral University/Association Employment Equity Committee

The Bilateral University/Association Employment Equity Committee is an advisory committee that assists with the implementation of Article 22 of the Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty Association (WLUFA) Collective Agreement. There are 3 representatives appointed from WLUSA and 3 representatives appointed by the President. The Employment Equity Coordinator is a non-voting member.

Committee’s Mandate: Article 22.5.2 of the Collective Agreement

The Joint University-Association Employment Equity Advisory Committee shall, with respect to Members:

a) at the call of the co-chairs, meet at least once in each of the Fall and the Winter Terms;
b) assist the Employment Equity Coordinator with the planning and preparation of theannual workshop on employment equity policies and procesures under 22.6.1, and consider requests for exemption from the workshop under 22.3.1 (b).
c) receive and review reports listed under 22.3.2, the report which the University submits to the federal government under the Federal Contractors Program and Employment Equity Regulations, and the reports of the Employment Equity Coordinator;
d) identify any systemic barriers in recruitment, employment and promotion policies and procedures that discriminate against aboriginal peoples, people with disabilities, persons in a visible minority, and women;
e) review on an on-going basis employment equity plans at other universities in Canada;
f) provide advice to the President and the Association concerning the realization of the University’s commitment to non-discrimination and equity in the employment of members of the designated groups;
g) provide copies of all Committee reports and recommendations to the President and the Association.