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October 23, 2016
Canadian Excellence


Employment Equity Office Allison Rawn, Ext. 4880
 Faculty Colleague for Employment Equity (2007-2008)

Cheryl Harvey, SBE - Ext. 2557 WATERLOO


 Faculty Women’s Colleague (2007-2008) Maria DiCenzo, English and Film Studies - Ext. 3985

University Employment Equity Advisory Committee (UEEAC)


 WLUSA Representatives:

Niru Philip, Enterprise Systems - Ext. 3765

Marybeth Phillips, Accessible Learning - Ext. 3086

 CUPE Representative:

Gary Bott, PPP

 UFCW Representative:


 Management Representative:

Beverly Wemp, Human Resources - Ext. 2179

 Administration Representative:


 Members At Large:

Debbie Thayer, Office of the VP: Academic - Ext. 3642

Melodee Martinuk, Public Affairs -Ext. 3067

 Joint University/Association Employment Equity Advisory Committee (JUAEEAC)  

 WLUFA Representatives:

James Overboe, Sociology - Ext. 3268

Martha Kuwee Kumsa, Faculty of Social Work - Ext. 2592

Laura MacDonald, SBE - Ext. 2815

 Administrative Representatives:

Jim Butler, Finance and Administration - Ext. 2248

Ginny Dybenko, SBE - Ext. 2671

Kathryn Carter, Brantford - 519-756-8228 Ext.