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October 25, 2016
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Employment Equity Policy

Revision passed at the Board of Governors: October 21, 2004


In Ontario, it is public policy, supported by law, to recognize the dignity and worth of every person, and to provide for equal rights and opportunities without discrimination.


1. The university is committed to provide equal employment opportunity to all individuals including any groups designated by federal or provincial legislation; it is committed to providing a workplace free from discrimination. The university therefore adopts, for purposes of this policy, Section 5(1) of the Ontario Human Rights Code (1981), and any amendments thereto. This provision provides that "every person has a right to equal treatment with respect to employment without discrimination because of race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, record of offenses, marital status, same sex partnership status, family status or disability."

2. The university is committed to promote employment equity within the university community, and to eliminate any barriers that reduce or prevent employment equity.

3. The provisions of this policy are expressly subject to any agreements with unions or employee associations to which the university is a party.


1. The university shall have an Employment Equity Coordinator to assist the President in fulfilling the university's commitment to non-discrimination and equal treatment in employment. The employment equity coordinator, with the advice and assistance of an advisory committee, shall report to the President and the assistant vice-president human resources, and shall be assigned various duties, including but not limited to:

a) collecting and continually updating employee data by a process of self-identification, in order to ascertain the proportion of designated group members (women, persons in a visible minority, persons with disabilities, Aboriginal persons and persons in a sexual and/or gender minority) in all employee categories, and such other groups as may be deemed appropriate from time to time;

b) coordinating a regular review of university policies and procedures to identify any barriers that adversely impact, reduce or prevent employment for designated group members within the university, and monitoring and updating this review;

c) recommending to the President measures required to implement this policy, and appropriate changes in policies and procedures, in order to achieve equal employment opportunities for all individuals including designated group members;

d) facilitating the development of an employment equity plan, and coordinating the monitoring and updating of the employment equity plan, until equal opportunity is achieved, and the proportions of designated group members in each occupational group reflect the availability of such candidates in the communities from which they are drawn (where known);

e) promoting awareness of the university's commitment to non-discrimination and employment equity, and providing training to all employee groups on practices and process by which employment equity may be achieved;

f) advising the President to ensure that the university complies with all relevant legislation, and preparing an annual report for submission through the President to the Board of Governors.

2. The university shall analyze, review and take action on all areas of the employment process in order to remove barriers and eliminate discrimination. In particular, the university will provide programs designed to create awareness of employment equity principles, and of potential or existing barriers, and will encourage all employees to work towards the realization of these principles and the elimination of barriers.

3. The university shall hire and shall make employment decisions and promotion decisions on the basis of qualifications, relevant experience, knowledge and capability, demonstrated skills and accomplishments. Within this context, the university shall make proactive efforts, including searches, to increase the participation from the five groups designated for employment equity, namely women, persons in a visible minority, persons with disabilities, Aboriginal persons and persons in a sexual and/or gender minority.

4. The university shall modify any practices, policies or procedures which have been formally identified and which the President has found as being in violation of the employment equity principles.

5. The university shall strive to provide all employees with an environment conducive to the realization of their professional potential, including appropriate opportunities for training, professional development, and promotion, within the context of the university's commitment to employment equity.


1. The university accepts its responsibility for ensuring that all employment policies, practices and procedures conform to applicable legislation including the Ontario Human Rights Code. The President, with the assistance of the employment equity coordinator, will ensure that all supervisory staff and members of the university community involved in employment related decisions are aware of and act consistently with such legislation and with the employment equity plan.

2. The President will ensure that this policy and the employment equity plan are disseminated to all university employees. Employees are expected to treat each other equitably, and with consideration and respect.

3. Violations of this policy or the employment equity plan by employees of the university shall constitute unacceptable behaviour, and will be subject to appropriate corrective and/or disciplinary action by the university.

4. The employment equity coordinator is responsible for recommending to the President measures required to implement this policy and the employment equity plan. Any individual or groups with questions or concerns regarding the policy and the plan, should direct them to the employment equity coordinator.

Advisory Committee

1. The Committee

There shall be an advisory committee established by the President, and facilitated by the employment equity coordinator.

2. Chair

The employment equity coordinator shall be the chair of the committee.

3. Terms of Reference

The committee shall make recommendations to the President on matters of employment equity within the university community. The committee shall be responsible for recommending to the President an employment equity plan for the university, and to develop a process by which the implementation of the plan may be monitored, evaluated and updated.