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December 4, 2016
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Collaborates to Promote Team and Organizational Success Workshops

"Understands impact of actions on others and takes an integrated approach to work and decision making."

  • Seeks opportunities to integrate ideas and share resources across the organization
  • Breaks down silos by sharing ideas and working collaboratively with others
  • Solicits and values others' opinions
  • Understands Laurier is an integrated multi-campus community
  • Seeks to understand and incorporate the perspectives of others
  • Leverages relationships and partnerships to generate new opportunities
Collaborates to Promote Team and Organizational Success Workshops
Project Management for the Non-Project Manager

Course Details

In this highly participative workshop, each participant will work in teams on a "real-life" project. Through this process they will be actively engaged in learning and applying all of the steps in managing a successful project from beginning to end. The focus of this workshop will be on those individuals who have to manage a project that is not a part of their everyday job. For example; hosting a corporate event, planning a marketing campaign, installing a system, updating a website, updating a manufacturing process, etc.

Learning Objectives

- Manage an entire project from beginning to end

- Manage a project as an individual and on a team

- Form a project team and identifying the project team roles

- Applying the project Life Cycle

- Delegate tasks to others responsible for the completion of the project sections

-  Identify the project's stakeholders and maintaining a customer and quality focus throughout

- Develop the project scope statement

- Develop the work breakdown structures as part of scope definition

- Develop the time lines (applying duration to each project task) and scheduling (allocating resources to each project task)

- Develop the network diagram to identify all of the task dependencies

- Determine project milestones

- Manage project change

- Present and report to management on the project's progress

- Communicate with the project team on an on-going basis

- Successfully implement and manage the entire project once the plan has been developed and agreed upon 


Michael Stanleigh, CMC, CSP, is a Certified Management Consultant and the CEO of Business Improvement Architects.

Upcoming Workshop Date: April 16 and 17, 2015

Cost: $200

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Working Successfully with Multi-Generations


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Upcoming workshop date: Coming in June 2015

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