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Wilfrid Laurier University Human Resources
December 9, 2016
Canadian Excellence

HR Management Workshops

These sessions are designed to assist and develop the knowledge and skills of managers to effectively deal with staff challenges that frequently arise. 

Please contact the Learning & Organizational Development Administrator at if you have any questions regarding the sessions.

WLUSA Collective Agreement Interpretation: A to Z

Managing WLUSA staff can be complex and so can the collective agreement that regulates. At times when you read the WLUSA collective agreement does it feel like you are reading another language? What does that language really mean? Is there any language or articles in the collective agreement that you have trouble interpreting or applying?

This workshop is intended to provide Chairs with:

-an overview of challenging articles that they are experiencing trouble understanding
-the opportunity to discuss with other Chairs how they interpret the language
-the opportunity to ask HR questions regarding the changes to the WLUSA Collective Agreement

Recruitment 101

Every employer needs to be able to attract, select and retain highly skilled talent to ensure that we continue to strive towards being a more diverse, personal and supportive community. During the recruitment and selection process at the University, managers have felt the frustration and challenges that have come along with navigating their way through the hiring process within a unionized environment.

Please join Joanne Roberts & Stacey Hawkins in the Recruitment 101 Workshop to assist managers in recruiting employees headache-free!

This workshop is intended to provide managers with:

-an outline of the 7 step recruitment and selection process
-tips on writing an effective job description
-guidelines for determining candidates to interview
-an understanding the importance of an interview
-understanding educational equivalencies
-using past performance to assess candidates
-the opportunity to discuss with other managers recurring issues and to assist in addressing the issues

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Writing an Effective Position Description & Understanding JJES

 Is your recruitment process not yielding the qualified applicants that you had anticipated? Has your recent hire commented that theirs job is not what they expected? If so, it could be that your job description is not explicitly outlining the position summary and tasks/responsibilities.

This workshop is intended to provide managers with:
- assistance in preparing administrative and professional position descriptions
- breaking down the position description and outlining the components
- assistance in understanding the joint job evaluation process
- best practices for determining qualifications and providing rational to support your decision.

Navigating/Understanding Performance Management & Discipline

Performance management can be defined as a process which contributes to the effective management of individuals and teams in order to achieve high levels of organizational performance. 

Fully realized, performance management is a holistic process bringing together many of the elements that make up the successful practice of people management including, in particular, learning and development. But for this very reason, it is complex and capable of being misunderstood. 

 What is performance management?
 How does performance management work?
 Tools of performance management

Non-performance and unacceptable behaviour in the workplace are increasingly challenging today's work environment and discipline can be a catalyst of positive change. Progressive discipline is the process in which management deals with employee job-related behaviours that do not meet the expected level of performance, or that are contrary to University policy or procedures.

This session will explore the different stages of both the performance management process and the disciplinary process.  It will help define appropriate levels of discipline, and explore preventative measures to mitigate and avoid future disciplinary issues of similar nature.

Attendance Awareness

It is common for employees to take time off for a number of reasons, it could be for an unexpected illness, planned vacation or the use of personal days.  Issues arise when normal absences become frequent absences and impact the productivity and service of a department.  Managers are often asking questions about what constitutes frequent absences as well as what they can do with employees that are consistently taking time off.

This workshop is intended to provide managers with:

- understanding frequent absences
- tips on how to have effective conversations around attendance
- understanding employees different leave options

Sick Leave and Disability Management Program

The University believes that a healthy, productive workforce is essential to our ability to provide quality education services.@ We recognize that on occasion, employees may experience health conditions that prevent them from attending work.By providing injured or ill employees early support during a medical leave the University can help them return to safe and productive work as soon as medically possible.

In order to successfully achieve early and continued support throughout the medical leave process, the University has a comprehensive Sick Leave and Disability Management program for all staff.This program is designed to provide an integrated program which promotes a healthy workforce, provides income protection and other support should an employee be unable to work for health reasons.

This session is intended to provide managers with:

-An overview of the University's sick leave and disability management program/process.
-An overview of the role Cowan Insurance Group plays in the University's Disability Management process
-The key role managers play when they have an employee who needs to be off work due to a medical condition.
-Review of supports available within the University to assist employee well-being.
-An opportunity to discuss questions and concerns you might have about this program.

Overview of Pension Plan & Understanding Pension Statement

Understanding your Laurier pension plan and pension statement is an important aspect of the retirement planning process. This information sessions is intended to provide employees with information on:

-The Wilfrid Laurier Pension Plan and how it works
-How to read and understand their annual pension statement
-The importance of ensuring that your beneficiary information is accurate and up-to-date