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March 28, 2017
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Full-time WLUFA Letter of Understandings

Please review the letter of understandings that have been agreed upon between Wilfrid Laurier University and Wilfrid Laurier Faculty Association (WLUFA).

2011-2014 Collective Agreement

FT-14-020 Day Care Location

FT-13-019 Brantford Tenure & Promotion

FT-13-018 Deans Search Committee

FT-13-017 Change in Benefits Provider

FT-13-016 BTM and Promotion Appt. Committee in SBE

FT-13-015 Laurier Brantford and Multi Campus

FT-13-014 Exclusion of Associate University Librarians

FT-13-013 Policy - Selection of Associate University Librarian

FT-13-011 Exclusion of Academic Administrators from Bargaining Unit

FT-12-010 Teaching Evaluations

FT-12-009 Dean of Education Review

2005-2008 Collective Agreement

FT-08-018 Article 18.2.4 Teaching Workload in the Faculty of Education

FT-07-017 Article 30.9 Merit Awards

FT-07-016 Article 11.2.5 Search Committees for Dean of Faculty of Education

FT-07-015 Articles 12.2, 12.3 & 27.6.2 (Grievance 007-2006)

FT-06-014 Article & Admendments to Articles 28, 29 & 35

FT-06-013 Articles 13.11.3, 13.11.5 & 13.11.6 Appointment without a Search

FT-06-012 Articles 15.3.2, 13.10.1 (d), & 11.2.5 Faculty of Education

FT-06-011 Article 30.8 Salary Anomalies

FT-06-010 Appendix B: Appeal of Research Grants

FT-06-009 Article 17.6.2 HRSDC Sick Leave Benefit Wording

FT-06-008 Article 11.2.5 (f) Search Committees for University Librarian

FT-06-007 Article 11.2.5 Search Committees for Sr. Administrative Officers

FT-06-006 Article 9.3 Relations with Students

FT-06-005 Dean of the School of Business & Economics

FT-06-004 Renovation of the Dr. Alvin Woods Building

FT-06-003 Articles 11.2, 15.5, 28.5, 37.3, 37.4, 37.6 & Appendix B

FT-06-002 Article 18.2.1 Amended Deadlines for 2005-2006 Deadlines

FT-05-016 Article 31.3.3 Teaching Evaluations for Studio Instructors

FT-05-013 Article 31.4.2 Distance Education Teaching Evaluation Form