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Wilfrid Laurier University University Secretariat
June 24, 2017
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University Faculty Council

Composition and Operating Procedures


  1. Chairperson - Vice-President: Academic.

  2. Membership
    All full-time faculty (excluding Waterloo Lutheran Seminary), the university librarian, and all librarian members of the bargaining unit as defined by the Ontario Labour Relations Board Certificate, number 0477-88-R, dated October 3, 1988 and, all part-time contract academic staff (CAS) members of the bargaining unit as defined by Ontario Labour Relations Board certificate number 2704-00-R dated January 10, 2001.

  3. Committees
  4. a. Screening Committee of seven persons to set dates of meetings and agendas.

    b. Nominations Committee of seven persons to propose nominations for all council committees, Faculty-at-large members on the Board of Governors, Faculty-at-large members on the Senate, faculty representatives on the Promotion and Tenure Committee in accordance with By-law No. 1, and faculty or librarian members on other committees as required by the provisions of the WLU-WLUFA Collective Agreement.
  5. The University Faculty Council shall also serve as a forum for the discussion of University-wide issues and may send recommendations to Senate.

  6. The council shall be called by the chairperson or upon the written request of at least fifteen members of council who shall state the purpose of the call in the written notice. In the latter case, the meeting is to be held within ten working days of the date of the call.

  7. Two dates during the year on which meetings of the council might be held, if there were agenda items, will be designated.
Also refer to sections 5.7 through 5.10 of the Senate By-Laws and Regulations.

Approved by Senate December 4, 2001