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October 25, 2016
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Library Council

Composition, Quorum, Powers and Duties, and Operation Procedures


Professional librarians who are employed in the library as librarians must always constitute a majority (more than 50%) of the council membership. Should this condition not be met by the membership listed below, the composition of the council must be reviewed by Senate and the number of non-librarian members must be reduced in compliance with this requirement.

  1. The University Librarian, who shall be an ex-officio non-voting member and chairperson of the council;
  2. All Associate University Librarians;
  3. All Department Heads*;
  4. All professional Librarians who are employed in the library as librarians;
  5. 2 Staff Members - elected from and by library staff;
  6. 4 Faculty Members - elected by the University Faculty Council, with each member representing a different University faculty;
  7. 3 students - 2 undergraduate and 1 graduate, selected by WLUSU, and the Graduate Student Association.

* Department Heads are not necessarily librarians.

Terms of Membership for staff, faculty and student members:

Normal appointment to the Library Council will be for a two (2) year. Exceptions may be made to achieve continuity or when a term cannot be completed, for example.


55% of membership of which 50% must be librarian members.

Powers and Duties:

The Library Council will meet a minimum of three times annually normally in September/October, January and April, and shall:

  1. Consider and make recommendations to the University Librarian and the Senate on library policy;
  2. Receive reports on the activities of the various library departments;
  3. Hear reports on developments in the library and information fields in general and, in particular, in the library systems of Ontario universities, and discuss the implications of such developments for the university library;
  4. Consider future directions of library service and operations;
  5. Consider any other matters the council deems relevant to the administration and policies of the library.

Operating Procedures:

  1. An official record of the proceedings of the Library Council shall be kept and an annual report of the Council's activities shall be made to the Senate by the University Librarian;
  2. Secretary: the Library Administrative Manager or designate shall be present at meetings to record the minutes and help with the agendas of the meetings;
  3. Copies of the agenda and supporting materials shall be sent by the University Librarian to members of the Library Council at least 2 days prior to a Council meeting;
  4. A meeting of the Library Council may be held at the call of the University Librarian, or on written request to the secretary by not fewer than five (5) members of the Library Council with a copy to the University Librarian;
  5. Minutes of Library Council meetings will be forwarded to the University Secretary as outlined in article 4.8 of the WLU Senate By-Laws and Regulations, and will be posted on the library's Website.

Approved by the Library Council on March 26, 2013

Approved by the By-Laws & Regulations Committee on April 2, 2013

Approved by Senate on April 16, 2013