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October 22, 2016
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Financial Assistance & Student Awards

Awards. There are a few awards administered by the Student Awards Office which may be open to students participating in SP288*: Study Abroad (in particular, the "SP200: Study Abroad Fund" which can be looked up in the Student Awards Search Engine). The Supervising Professor does not have information regarding these awards and students are encouraged to check with the Student Awards Office and other external agencies for more information about eligibility, application, and deadlines.

OSAP. Because SP288* is a WLU credit (1.0), its tuition costs are eligible for OSAP funding. For example, a student who is required to be enrolled in at least 1.5 credits in any given semester in order to be eligible for OSAP may choose to take in a spring term SP288* (1.0) plus an online course or another on-campus course (0.5). Students who are eligible for OSAP are highly encouraged to check the specific details on the Student Awards Office and/or on the OSAP website.