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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Education
September 29, 2016
Canadian Excellence


Glocal is a co-curricular group in the Laurier Faculty of Education.  The purpose of Glocal is to raise Teacher Education Candidate awareness and to develop education-related activities regarding global, outdoor, and environmental education.

We want to help educators blend global and local realities (hence, “glocal”) in the classroom, seeing the world out “there” as sharing many of the same characteristics and traditions as “here” (t/here). Our primary motivation is to respond to the question: How can we help teachers and students develop glocal thinking and acting?

Certificate Program:

Upon completion, this unique program provides you with a certificate attesting to your interest, skills, and ability in glocal/environmental education. The Glocal Certificate Program is completed over four blocks of time, two in the fall and two in the winter.

Other activities Glocal has coordinated:

  • Milk bags into sleeping mats for an orphanage in Ghana
  • Curriculum development on chocolate and fair trade
  • “Change for a change” fundraiser for Haiti earthquake victims
  • School supplies for Haiti
  • Unity Games @ Franklin Public School and WLU
  • Aboriginal learning styles workshop at the WLU Aboriginal Student Centre
  • Ride for Refuge bike-a-thon
  • Chapati fund-raiser for migrant workers
  • Micro-credit support for artisans in Peru

Check out our website for pictures and more information:

or contact Dr. Steve Sider (