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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Education
October 23, 2017
Canadian Excellence

Faculty- and University-level Service

Service to University


Senate Committee on Research and Publication

LIFE (Laurier Integrated Faculty Engagement) Program Committee (Chair)

IPRM: Planning Task Force

IPRM: Resource Management Task Force


Senate Committee on University TeachingChair, Senate Finance

Strategic Research Plan Committee

Board of Governors

Vice-Chair, Senate

Finance and Investments, Board of Governors

Development, Board of Governors

Senate Promotion and Tenure

Senate Executive

Senate Committee for Honorary Degree

Chair, Senate Committee on Instructional Development

Chair, Institutional Review of Electronic Devices in Classrooms, Current (through SCID)

Re-Imagining Committee, Programs, Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Women and Gender Studies Committee, Faculty-at-Large

SSHRC Graduate Scholarship Selection Committee

Senate Committee on Research and Publication (SCRAP)

Senate Academic Planning Committee (SAPC)

Internal Program Reviewer, Computer Science & Physics Program

Senate Review Committee: Vice-President Academic

Senate Review Committee: Dean, Faculty of Education

Senate Review Committee: Dean, Faculty of Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies

Contemporary Studies Conference Committee (Brantford campus)

The Centre for Supply Chain Management Review Committee

Woman and Global Studies Member-at-Large

Service to Academic Unit



Graduate Coordinator

Associate Dean

Chair , Departmental Promotion and Appointments (DAP)

Chair, Part-time Appointments Committee

Co-chair, Homecoming, 2010, 2012

HIP@The Faculty of Education, Founder and Coordinator

Departmental Promotion and Appointments (DAP)

Teacher Education Advisory Committee (TEAC)

Chair, Program Development Committee

Lead Author: OCGS Brief and Budget, Master’s of Education

Profile Reader

Interdisciplinary Research Lecture Series on Topics in K-12 Education

Founder and co-organizer

Faculty of Education Student Society (EDSOC), Faculty Advisor

Accreditation Committee

Part Time Faculty Appointments Committee (PTAC)

Decanal Search Committee

Faculty Council, Faculty of Education, UWO

Appointments Committee, Faculty of Education, UWO

Staff Development Committee, Faculty of Education, UWO

PhD Candidate Study Group, UWO, Founder and chair

Decanal Search Committee, Faculty of Education, York University