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July 30, 2016
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HRHD with Human Resources Management

What is Human Resources?

Human resources is a key sector where the concerns of human rights and human diversity meet the practical reality of workplaces, whether in the public, private or non-profit sector. Hiring, promotions, and workplace conditions have serious and immediate implications for whether individuals of diverse backgrounds and identities enjoy the equality and opportunities that human rights principles suggest everyone deserves. 

Why HRHD and Human Resource Management?

Human Rights & Human Diversity addresses two key aspects of today's workplaces: workplaces are highly regulated by human rights codes and labour regulation and the workforces that populate them are diverse and likely to become more so in the future. Having a deeper understanding of these powerful trends should be advantageous to you in your career.

Human rights concern human dignity. A secure and good paying job can enable people to experience lives of dignity. Human resources managers exercise influence over who gets those jobs. If we're going to have a real equality of opportunity, we need human resources managers who care about human rights. 

The Partnership

The Human Resources Management program is a post-graduate program offered through Conestoga College on the Laurier Brantford campus. Through an articulation agreement between Conestoga College and Laurier Brantford, Human Rights & Human Diversity (HRHD) students in their Third Year may be eligible to enroll in this program.

How it works?

  • Students who registered at Laurier prior to 2015/2016: For information on eligibility and transfer credits please click here.

  • Students who registered at Laurier in or after 2015/2016: For information on eligibility and transfer credits please click here

Next Steps

1. Make an Academic Advising Appointment to ensure you meet the prerequisites for the program.

2. Complete the Student Declaration of Third-Year Specialization form and submit to your Laurier program office.

3. Apply to the Human Resources Management program online through the Ontario College Application Service.

4. Complete the Human Resources Management courses in Year 3 and earn a minimum average of 70%.

5. Upon completion of the program, arrange for your transcripts to be sent to Laurier. 

Contact Information 

Laurier Brantford Academic Advising

(519) 756.8228 ext. 5849

Human Rights & Human Diversity Program Coordinator

Andrew Robinson

(519) 756.8228 ext. 5743

Conestoga College

Karen Towler

(519) 756.8228 ext. 5491

Additional Resources

Academic Advising Handout

Conestoga College Presentation