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October 26, 2016
Canadian Excellence

SHARCNET Research Fellowships

One of SHARCNET's key objectives is to recruit and support research personnel who utilize HPC. This objective is accomplished through the Fellowships Program, which provides funding for postdocs, students, and distinguished visitors. Fellowships are awarded via a grant competition process administered by SHARCNET.



 Shohini Ghose  Physics  Undergraduate 7,000  December 2008
 Roman Makarov  Mathematics  Undergraduate 7,000  December 2008
 Joe Campolieti  Mathematics  Graduate  20,000  December 2007
 Roderick Melnik  Mathematics  Postdoctoral  33,750  December 2007
 Stephen Perry  Kinesiology & Phys. Education  Undergraduate  7,000  December 2007
 Shohini Ghose  Physics  Undergraduate 7,000
 June 2007
 Angèle Hamel  Computer Science  Undergraduate 7,000 
 June 2007
 Ilias Kotsireas  Computer Science  Undergraduate 7,000
 June 2007
 Marek Wartak  Physics  Graduate 26,000 
 June 2007
 Marek Wartak  Physics  Undergraduate 5,000
 October 2003
 Angèle Hamel  Computer Science  Undergraduate
 May 2003
 Marek Wartak  Physics  Undergraduate 5,000
 May 2003
 Joe Campolieti  Mathematics  Postdoctoral 56,700
 December 2002
 Stephen Perry  Kinesiology & Phys. Education  Undergraduate 5,000
 December 2002
 Angèle Hamel  Computer Science  Undergraduate 5,000
 May 2002
 Stephen Perry  Kinesiology & Phys. Education
 Undergraduate 4,984   November 2001
 Marek Wartak
 Physics  Postdoctoral 56,700   November 2001