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September 25, 2017
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SRC Research Instruments

To facilitate collaboration and improve research instrument management within the Faculty of Science, a Research Instrumentation Handbook has been developed. This handbook lists some of the instruments in Science that are currently available for multi-user research use and describes the policies and fees governing the use of these instruments. Some of these instruments are owned by the Faculty of Science, while others are maintained by specific researchers and are available to other users at the discretion of the researcher.

Please contact Gena Braun or Max Pottier to arrange training and see the training requirements.

 A few of the specialized instruments in Science, such as a confocal microscope and scanning electron microscope, are also available to external users at the discretion of the researcher. Please see the Instrumentation Handbook link (above) for more details, or contact Gena Braun or Max Pottier.