Site Accessibility Statement
Wilfrid Laurier University Information and Communication Technologies
December 8, 2016
Canadian Excellence


  • All LORIS users will have to choose three security questions and enter answers for them the first time they login to LORIS after the November 2009.  Users can no longer make up their own questions.  The user's answers to the questions must each be at least three characters long.  These questions will be used when the user wants to change their PIN.
  • Users can create alphanumeric PINs up to eight characters long.  Each PIN must contain at least one number and be at least six characters long.
  • LORIS users who forget their PIN can reset it themselves by entering their User ID on the main LORIS login screen and clicking the <Forgot PIN?> button.  The user will then be asked to answer their three security questions.  If their answers are correct, the user will create a new PIN and proceed with the login.
  • If a LORIS user enters their PIN incorrectly five times in a row, they will be locked out of LORIS and will need to get their PIN reset.   

**IMPORTANT**  If you are not sure of your PIN, do not guess - just enter your User ID on the main LORIS login screen and click the <Forgot PIN?> button to change your own PIN by answering your security questions.