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December 8, 2016
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Oracle: Changing your Oracle Password for Banner and Cognos

1. Using Internet Explorer, start Banner INB by going to

2. Log into Banner, using your Username and Password.

3. You will now be in the main menu of Banner. At this point, type in the form name GUAPSWD in the Direct Access field and press the enter key, or click on the "Change Banner Password" link on the right side of the screen.

A screen will pop up.
Simply type in your current oracle password, press tab key - then type in your newly selected password. Do not type in anything in the Database block.

Click on the save button, and exit. Your newly selected password will now be in effect.

Banner: Password Security Feature & Management

Our external auditors require that we implement new password management procedures which will greatly improve the security of our system and our data. As part of Banner 7.1, these new procedures required by our auditors are outlined below.

Every 90 days, the system will require all users to change their Banner password. Users will receive a 5 day "grace period" during which Banner will remind all users that their password is about to expire. During each login to Banner during the grace period, a message like "ORA-28002: the password will expire within x days" will be displayed. During this grace period, the system will permit password changes at any time by clicking on the "Change Banner Password" link on the right side of the Banner General Menu screen or by going directly to the GUAPSWD form.

If a user password is not changed during the 5 day grace period, the password will expire. The next time the user attempts to login to Banner, they will receive a message like "ORA-28001: the password has expired". Click <OK> and a prompt to change your password will appear. Users will NOT be able to get into Banner until they have changed their password.

**To avoid problems with Banner job submission, users MUST change their password during the 5 day grace period. Otherwise the password may expire when Banner job submission is run and that will cause the job to crash.**

If a user password has expired and they try to login to Cognos, FormFusion, or Intellecheck, they will receive the message "ORA-28001: the password has expired", but they will NOT be able to change their password from within those programs. The user will have to go to Banner and change their password as described above, after which they will be able to login to Cognos, FormFusion, or Intellecheck.

When password changes are made, the new password must be as follows:

1) the password must be at least 6 characters long
2) the password must contain at least one letter and one number
3) the password cannot contain any of the punctuation marks @$&"(),<>`;=#
4) the password cannot be the same as your Banner user name
5) previous passwords cannot be reused for 3 years

If the new password does NOT meet all of the above criteria, an error message will be displayed and the user will need to try again.

Banner: I've forgotten my password, what do I do?

Submit the following form: (logging in with your network username/password); contact the Employee Service Desk at ext. 4357, or see us at BA304 to have your password reset.

Banner: My account is locked, what do I do?

Fill out the online form at: