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October 25, 2016
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Supported Browsers

For information on supported browsers/settings, please click here.


Effective Nov. 24, 2014 Banner printer will be done through the Windows print server. Printer names will now match Windows printer names, and printers must networked. To add a Xerox printer to Banner, please submit a request through the Service Desk and include account information to be applied to the printer.

Desktop Shortcuts

ICT Solutions does NOT support desktop shortcuts to INB Banner. Please access INB via the main page,


ICT would like to remind users at Laurier that the following toolbars should NOT be installed as an add on to your browser:

- Google toolbar
- MSN Hotmail toolbar
- Yahoo toolbar
- Windows LIVE toolbar

All of the above toolbars can cause Internet Explorer to crash when trying to access the Banner production and test websites.

If you have any of the toolbars installed, please remove them by using the Microsoft Windows Add/Remove software tool, located in the Control Panel.

If you require help in doing so, please contact the Help Desk at x4357 (HELP).

Windows Vista NOT Supported by Ellucian (Banner) or ICT

Banner Account Request Form

For new users who require Banner accounts and existing users who require additions or modifications to their current accounts, click here to access the NEW online form.

COGNOS Account Request Form

Click here to access the COGNOS Account Request form.

Banner On-Line Help

On-line Help Features Available Within Banner

When you first login to Banner, you will be in the "General Menu".  On the upper right hand corner of your screen, there is a link called "Help Center".  If you click that link, you will see a list of all of the documentation that is available on-line, organized by Banner module.  Just click on the module you are interested in (e.g. "Accounts Receivable", "General", "Student", etc.) and you can navigate through all the on-line documentation that is available for that module.  There are also index and search features that you can use if you are trying to find documentation on a particular item.

When you are in a specific Banner form (e.g. SPAIDEN, FOAIDEN, etc.), you can get on-line help for that particular form by clicking on the "Online Help" icon on the toolbar at the top of the form (the icon is a question mark inside a circle and it is located near the right hand side of the toolbar).  Or, you can go to the "Help" menu at the top of your screen and select "Online Help" from there.

On-line help can also be accessed directly at


On Monday, November 24, 2014, Laurier upgraded Banner to a newer release. Along with this upgrade, printer names remained the same as in Windows. The INB server changed its name from  to

When accessing the new Banner for the first time, some users may be prompted to install the latest version of Java.  Banner uses Java 7.71 and not Java 8.

Please refer to java instructions to install the proper version of Java.

Reminder: the supported browsers for Banner are Internet Explorer 8.x (Windows XP), Internet Explorer 9.x (Windows 7) and Safari (Mac).

If you experience any difficulties, an incident can be placed through the ICT Portal or the Employee Service Desk can be contacted at ext. 4357.

NOTE:  To access banner off campus, users must use the vpn client.  Please click the vpn instructions for vpn access.


Cognos is an end user reporting tool. It was purchased in 1998 by Waterloo University, Guelph University and Wilfrid Laurier University. Its purpose at Laurier is to provide all faculties and departments a graphical user interface to access institutional data so that high level reporting can be performed by the end user.

Cognos helps provide business intelligence software to the end user. Impromptu and Powerplay are just two of the tools that we are using at Laurier.

Mission: To implement Cognos as an end user reporting tool across campus.

Vision: To empower all departments and faculties so that they are self sufficient in their institutional data reporting needs.

Departments and Faculties involved:

Graduate Studies
Co-op Education
Human Resources
Faculty of Social Work
School of Business and Economic
Student Information Systems
Faculty of Arts & Science
Financial Resources
Faculty of Music
Development and Alumni Relations
Enterprise Systems

If you would like more information about Cognos at Laurier, please contact Niru Philip at x3765 in Enterprise Systems.

Click here for Cognos on-line support.


We introduced two of the Evisions products at Laurier in 2003; FormFusion and Intellecheck.

FormFusion transforms plain, unformatted Banner baseline output into impressive digital documents. It is possible to insert logos, signatures, and graphics, then add important new data using the power of SQL. When the document looks like we've always wanted, we can print it, automatically distribute it through e-mail, or send it to archive. We just run Banner like we always have, and the rest works invisibly in the background.

Currently we are using FormFusion in Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Admissions.

"The Purchasing department is very pleased with the functionality provided by Formfusion for purchase orders. The Jetform software used previously was unreliable, not user friendly and it did not come with any documentation. With Formfusion, the purchase order is easy to read and looks very professional; multiple copies are produced with different layouts - one for the vendor, and one for the University; a copy is automatically sent by email to the vendor in .pdf format, and a copy is printed for filing; changes are easy to make; the process is reliable as it runs within the job submission process in Banner; the department is alerted by an e-mail that bounces back when there is a problem with the vendor's email address. This process provides much more flexibility for the department and better service for vendors...." Purchasing department at Laurier.

"In the Accounts Payable department, we are using Formfusion to create direct deposit advices for our employees/vendors. With Formfusion, an e-mail notification is generated for the employee/vendor with a copy of the advice attached in .pdf format and a copy of the advice is printed for filing in the department. The advice lists all of the invoice information included in the direct deposit. This process reduces the cost of printing cheques and provides better service to the employee/vendor...." Accounts Payable department at Laurier.


Intellecheck enhances the Banner cheque printing processes FABCHKP (for Accounts Payable) and PHPCHKL (for Payroll) and also adds additional features which are not available using the base Banner processes. Intellecheck works seamlessly with Banner such that the staff members processing the cheques do not need any additional training -- they just process them using Banner the way they always have and Intellecheck works completely in the background.

With Intellecheck, cheques can be printed on plain stock, with Intellecheck taking care of all of the formatting, including adding logos, watermarks, signatures, etc. Previously, it was necessary to buy more expensive pre-printed stock for this.

Additional features available with Intellecheck are user-defined text messages which can be added to cheques.

At Laurier, the Payroll department, and Accounts Payable department are all currently using Intellecheck for all of their cheques.

Banner TEST Refresh Dates

The next scheduled refresh date(s) for Banner TEST are as follows:

  • April 18, 2016
  • May 6, 2016
  • July 25, 2016 (Tentative)

Starting Banner (I Have a PC)

You must use Internet Explorer (IE)
Go to and click on Internet Native Banner (INB) for Windows PCs

Starting Banner (I have a Mac)

You must use Safari
Go to and click on Internet Native Banner (INB) for Macintosh