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Wilfrid Laurier University Lazaridis School of Business & Economics
December 6, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Prospective Applicants

Laurier offers a unique graduate experience, including the opportunity to pursue research and scholarly interests in a personalized environment that fosters a high standard of academic excellence.

The Lazaridis School of Business and Economics is home to a variety of research-based graduate programs. We offer a PhD in Management program in five different fields: Accounting, Financial Economics, Marketing, Organizational Behaviour & Human Resource Management, and Operations & Supply Chain Management. At the masters level, we offer an MSc in Management program in two fields: Organizational Behaviour & Human Resource Management, and Supply Chain Management. Each year, we accept only a select cohort of students in each program.

What it takes to succeed at Laurier

Now that you are seriously considering beginning graduate studies in management here at Laurier, you may be asking yourself, am I ready to make this commitment?

Studying in our research-based doctoral and master’s programs provides students with experience as part of a tight-knit academic community, as well as the opportunity to work closely with faculty members who are experts in their fields. Laurier welcomes students and faculty from all over the world, and the resulting diversity has created a cultural mosaic of unique perspectives. Waterloo Region is a dynamic, thriving community with two universities, three well-known think tanks, and hundreds of high-tech firms, and is known as “Canada’s Technology Triangle.” There is also a wealth of festivals, farmer’s markets, theatres, restaurants, and outdoor activities in and around the region.

We expect our students to commit themselves fully to their graduate student experience. This includes visiting campus regularly, becoming involved in research activities and conferences, and attending seminars and talks by visiting academics in their area. International students are expected to use their time studying abroad as an opportunity to learn not only academically, but socially as well. All students must bring a curiosity and willingness to learn from all of those around them. For upper year doctoral students, a desire to attend conferences and present research findings, as well as publish, is essential in order to fully participate in a national and global research community. In exchange for this commitment, students will have the opportunity for close collaboration with faculty and their peers in order to enhance their learning experience and develop as researchers, academics, and individuals.

Please continue to explore our website to discover if our research-based graduate programs are right for you.

There is still time to apply for Fall 2016.  Please click here for more information.