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December 2, 2016
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Full-Time Faculty Handbook

Wilfrid Laurier University, Brantford Campus

An affiliated college of Wilfrid Laurier University, Laurier Brantford offers a unique university education that is dedicated to:
- The liberal arts and sciences and their ability to provide students with the skills and knowledge relevant to contemporary issues and concerns;
- A problem centred, interdisciplinary approach to teaching and research;
- A multitude of programs which combine the liberal arts with applied professional and occupational programs that further the vocations of our students;
- The conduct of innovative and interdisciplinary research;
- And a close-knit community of students, faculty and staff, which promotes energy and enthusiasm and positive relations with the local community, that supports us.

Wilfrid Laurier University first opened its Brantford campus in September 1999 with 39 students, the Carnegie Building and one academic program, Contemporary Studies. Laurier Brantford has become a leader in developing innovative liberal arts programming, and our small, close-knit environment provides students with incredible experiences not found elsewhere in Ontario, both in and out of the classroom. The campus features the core curriculum of contemporary studies, and a collection of interdisciplinary, liberal arts programs. In 2002, Laurier Brantford entered into a partnership with Nipissing University and began offering a concurrent BA/BEd program and has also been very active in the development of college-university transfer opportunities. 

Please note: All information contained in this document is believed to be correct at the time of publication. We have tried to anticipate the needs of faculty members new to the Laurier Brantford community. If you have additional recommendations for this publication, or notice updates should be made, please contact: 

Megan Chipman (Faculty of Human and Social Sciences) -


For information regarding Undergraduate Programs offered at Laurier Brantford, please access the Undergraduate Academic Calendar.

Faculty of Liberal Arts

Faculty of Human and Social Sciences:

For information regarding Graduate Programs offered at Laurier Brantford, please visit the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website:

Aboriginal Student Support Services

There are Aboriginal Student Centers on both the Waterloo and the Brantford campuses that offer a broad range of supportive, holistic, cultural and academic programming. We are committed on both campuses to fostering a positive student experience for all our Aboriginal Students: First Nation (status and non-status), Inuit and Metis persons. Our services on both campuses assist aboriginal students from the application process through the graduation. We also provide education, awareness resources and training regarding aboriginal culture to all students, faculty and staff.

  • Academic and personal counselling
  • Funding, scholarship and bursary assistance
  • Community outreach
  • Resource library
  • Computer and wi-fi access
  • Quiet study room
  • Access to traditional medicines
  • Admissions assistance
  • Aboriginal Education Week
  • Visiting Elders Program
  • Aboriginal Academic Success Program and access to peer tutoring
  • Aboriginal craft workshop
  • Advocacy and referrals
  • Special Indigenous Convocation recognition:

Brantford: Indigenous Studies Convocation Stole

Waterloo/ Kitchener: Joint KW Aboriginal Convocation Ceremony  

  • Aboriginal alumni networking
  • Mino- Kummik Community Garden and Brantford Medicine Garden  

For more information please contact:

Bonnie Whitlow, Brantford Aboriginal Student Support Coordinator
T 519.756.8228 x5884 | E

Kandice Baptiste, Manager of Aboriginal Initiatives
T 519-756-8228 x5573 | E

Academic Advising

Laurier Brantford Academic Advisors offer advice and counsel on all Brantford campus programs of study and coach students through learning challenges and opportunities. The goals of out advising program are aligned with the goals of our core program, Foundations, and the ethos of our campus as a whole.

Contact Informaion:

Julie Pong (Manager, Academic Advising)
P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5408

Laurier Brantford Academic Advising Centre  
P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5849

Although academic advising is available within the Dean's Office, it is solely the responsibility of students to ensure that they are properly registered and meet course requirements and the requirements of the program for which they are registered. All students should review the relevant program requirements and course information carefully.

Academic Dates

A listing of important academic dates are available on our website for the following academic year(s):







Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

Academic Misconduct

Academic misconduct is an act by a student, or by students working on a team project, which may result in a false evaluation of the student(s), or which represents an attempt to unfairly gain an academic advantage, where the student either knew or ought reasonably to have known that it was misconduct. 

Some obvious examples of misconduct are presenting the work or ideas of others as one's own, copying answers from classmates during exams, misrepresenting the reasons for deferring an exam, and turning in papers that were wholly or partly authored by others.

If you encounter a case of academic misconduct, please complete the "Allegation of Misconduct Form", discuss it with your student and provide them with a copy of the form, and forward a copy to your faculty's Associate Dean (Faculty of Human and Social Sciences: Andrew Welsh). Please reference this link for more information.

Academic Misconduct Investigation and Adjudication Process

Accessible Learning/Exam Accommodations

The Accessible Learning Centre provides academic support services to students with disabilities. Students with disabilities are accommodated to give them an equal opportunity to succeed academically and to participate fully in the university experience. It is the student’s responsibility to make initial contact with the Accessible Learning Centre to identify individual needs and to request services as well as examinations where applicable. Staff work closely with students while they liaise with faculty, campus and community professionals to determine and implement effective and appropriate academic supports to enhance student success.

Key Services and Supports 
•  Conducts preliminary screening for students without documentation who suspect they have a disability that is impacting their academic performance 
•  Liaises with faculty regarding specific student disability-related issues 
•  Establishes appropriate in-class and examination accommodations 
•  Transcribes print materials into e-text, Braille or other alternate formats 
•  Makes referrals to resource staff on and off campus

Angel Evans will contact you in advance when registered students are writing tests/exams with Accessible Learning. Depending on the type of accommodations or exam format, students may write some tests/exams with the class.

Please submit a copy of your exam (electronic or hard copy in a sealed and labeled envelope) 3 days in advance of the examination date, or earlier if possible.  The deadline is important to ensure that accommodations are made for all tests and exams booked through Accessible Learning. (Example: Accommodations may include Braille transcription or audio recordings of entire exams) 

Hard copies can be delivered to:
Angel Evans (Exams and Educational Supports Coordinator)
97 Dalhousie, room 211
P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5786

If you choose to submit the exam electronically, please e-mail to: Final exams will be requested and collected by Ruth Cole.

Please visit the ALC website for additional information for faculty and staff. 

Contact Information:
97 Dalhousie, room 214
P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5871


If your students are unable to submit papers on time in class, they should be advised to slide the paper under your office door. Advise students to keep a copy of any paper they submit to avoid disputes later. DO NOT INSTRUCT STUDENTS TO SUBMIT PAPERS TO ANY ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE.

If you have assignments to return to your students before or after classes have ended, there are two options:

1.    Set office hours and inform students of the time and location

2.    Return the assignments at the Exam room (after student has finished writing their exam)

When returning papers, please follow FIPPA regulations. (see “Privacy & Access (FIPPA)” for further information)

At Risk Student Reporting Form

The At Risk Student Reporting Form is designed to:

•    identify early in the academic year students who may be at risk of academic difficulty or failure

•    intervene with measures that are tailored to each individual student's situation.

Once a student is identified using the form, the Academic Advisor’s in the Laurier Brantford Dean’s Office will:

•    contact the student,
•    work with the student to identify factors contributing to his or her academic difficulties,
•    in collaboration with appropriate academic and student services support personnel, develop a plan to help the student achieve his or her academic goals.

To access the At Risk Student Reporting Form, please click here. This section is restricted to staff and faculty. Please enter your Novell login and password to access the early alert form.

Athletics & Recreation

Laurier Brantford Athletics & Recreation is a department that you need to be a part of! By joining in the activities and events you will meet new and exciting people, stay healthy and active and add to your overall campus experience. Your Wilkes House Recreation Centre membership will give you complete access to the many fitness and strength training equipment as well as unlimited access to open gym space in our campus gymnasium.

For more information about fitness classes, special interest classes, intramurals, extramurals, varsity athletics and our summer kids camp program (Summer FUN 101), please visit our website and follow the Athletics & Recreation link.

Contact Information:
Megan Jackin (Coordinator, Fitness & Lifestyle Programs)
P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5806

Campus Closures - Severe Weather/Storm Closing Policy

For information regarding Campus closures, please see

Severe Weather/Storm Closing Policy: The decision to close the Brantford campus will be made by the principal/vice-president or designate. The office of the principal/vice-president will notify the president's office, Conestoga College, and Nipissing University whenever the Brantford campus closes. Buildings in Kitchener will close whenever the Waterloo campus closes.

Notifications of such a closure will be communicated by 7 a.m. in the following ways:

1) Campus closure notification on the homepage -
2) Campus closure notification on the switchboard - 519.756.8228
3) Campus closure notification email sent to all faculty, staff and students
4) Campus closure notification to CKPC AM 1380 and Jewel 92.1 FM, as well as their websites

Closing the university means that:
1. All classes are cancelled.
2. Meetings and other scheduled events are not held.
3. Staff, other than those needed for essential services, are not expected to be at work.
4. Examinations are cancelled. Any centrally scheduled examinations that have been cancelled will be rescheduled by the Office of the Registrar.
5. Deadlines for assignments and other submissions are postponed until the same hour on the next weekday that the university is open.

The full policy is available online here.

Campus Map

Campus Map

Campus Safety and Support Team (CSST)

The purpose of the Campus Safety and Support Team (CSST) is to create a campus of open communication through departments and faculties that enables us to fully assess our students, staff and faculty, and identify those at risk of harming oneself or others and/or showing signs of concern.

When should you contact the CSST?
If you receive or observe threatening behaviour (email, verbal, written, writing, etc...)
If you observe or are the target of violence
If you feel uncertain about an individual's behaviour on campus at any time

If you are unsure, it is best to report your concern.

How to contact the CSST:
Online reporting form
Contact one of the members of the CSST
By email -

Campus Safety and Support Team - Report a Concern (online reporting form)

This form should be used to report any threatening or worrisome behaviour by an individual on campus.

Please note that this will be assessed by the Campus Safety and Support Team as quickly as possible, but it may take up to 2 business days. If this is an emergency, please call Special Constable Service at 519.756.8228 ext. 5888 or Brantford Police at 519.756.7050 or 9-1-1.

False reports will be dealt with by Special Constable Service, Brantford Police and/or the Judicial Affairs Council.

Career Development Centre

Wilfrid Laurier University's Career Development Centre assists students and alumni with all their career development needs and provides one of the most comprehensive services in the country. Staff, faculty and their immediate family members can also access the career centre free of charge.  We are happy to partner with faculty to deliver content in class, or to organize career related workshops or events.

If students are unsure of what they want to do after graduation, the Career Centre can help them to research and identify career options that match their academic program, values, interests and personality traits.

If students are planning to continue their education after completing a degree, the Career Centre can assist with researching and applying to professional programs (law, education, MBA), graduate programs, and post-degree college programs.

For students looking for work, the Career Centre can help them to develop resumés, prepare for interviews and find a part-time, summer or full-time job. Each year, the Career Fair in September and Job Fair in February attract over 200 employers actively recruiting students. Our online job posting system posts more than 2,000 part-time, summer and full-time positions annually.

It's a good time to refer a student to the Career Centre if you hear the following statements.
 "What can I do with a degree in _____?"
"I have no idea what I want to do after I graduate."
"I'd like to work as a _____, but I need more information."
"I need a (part time, summer or full time) job."
"Can someone give me feedback on my resumé or interview skills?"
"I'm thinking about further education (law, education, graduate studies).
"How do I research programs and schools? Can I get help with my further education application?"

Individual meetings and drop-in hours are available, as well as numerous workshops and events.

Contact Information:
Lori McMaster (Supervisor)
Jenn Hicks (Career Consultant)
SC Johnson Building, 1st Floor, SCJ 112
P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5726

Class Cancellations

If you need to cancel a class due to weather, illness etc. please send an email to the following address as soon as possible:

You may also call and speak with the following contact; however an e-mail notice of cancellation is still required:

Service Laurier
P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5885

The cancellation will be posted on the Brantford campus website, under "Class Cancellations" found on the left hand side menu.

A notice will also be posted on our Twitter account -, (@LBCancellations).

For information purposes -- Cancellations for night classes can be reported to Special Constable Service at ext 5762 (if you are calling after regular business hours).

Class Lists

LORIS - To obtain class lists, you will need to access LORIS, the Laurier On-Line Registration System. Your login is your WLU ID#; Password is birthdate (mm/dd/yy). You will be asked to change this password to a 6-digit confidential number on first access to the site.

If your password needs to be re-set, contact or 519.756.8228 ext. 5885.

MyLearningSpace - If you are using MyLearningSpace, you can click on the "Classlist" tool in the toolbar along the lower, right-hand corner of your course homepage. At the ensuing screen, you will see four large buttons/links along the top of the page: Classlist, Add Participants, Report, and Settings. Right below the "Classlist" link, you should see a small button labelled, "Print Tab." If you click "Print Tab", a new window will pop open re-displaying your classlist in the printer-friendly format, along with a "Print" button in the lower-right corner.

If you wish to request to have your course set up in MyLearningSpace, please complete this form.

Please direct any questions about MyLearningSpace to

Classroom Location

Please do not change the location of your classroom. Room bookings for university and non-university functions require us to have strict record keeping of all room usage. Your cooperation is appreciated. If you have any questions about your room assignment, please contact: Ruth Cole at or Service Laurier at

If you need to book rooms for any reason (i.e. make up exams, etc.), please fill out the online form by going to the Service Laurier website to complete a Room Booking Request Form.

Contact Information:
Ruth Cole, Scheduling and Examinations Coordinator
P| 519.8228 ext. 5535

Communications, Public Affairs and Marketing

The mandate of the Department of Communications, Public Affairs & Marketing (CPAM) is to promote the goals and achievements of Wilfrid Laurier University and its students, faculty and staff. The department develops and delivers the university's key messages, provides information and advocacy on behalf of the university, and assists in positioning Laurier in the post-secondary sector. CPA consists of two teams: Communications & Public Affairs and Marketing & Creative Services.

As the Associate Director, CPA (Brantford) I work with faculty as a member of the Communications and Public Affairs (CPA) team. CPA is also responsible for media relations, managing Laurier's official social media channels, and publishing Laurier's alumni magazine and internal newspaper, insideLaurier.

I'm happy to act as a liaison to the creative services side of the office for any design needs.

Contact Information:
Beth Gurney (External Relations Coordinator)
P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5753

Course Evaluations

Course Evaluations must be conducted during the last 2 weeks of the term. Details regarding course evaluations will be given as the end of the term approaches.

Contact Information:

Megan Chipman (Academic Administration Assistant, Faculty of Human and Social Sciences)
Phone: 519-756-8228 ext. 5994

Course Outlines

According to article of the full-time collective agreement and 16.1.2 of the part-time collective agreement, Members must provide students with a written and/or electronic course outline during the first week of classes, with a copy to the Program Coordinator and Dean.  Please provide the Academic Program Assistant in your department with an electronic copy during the first week of classes.

The outline shall include at least the following information:

i.    the name, office location, telephone number, and weekly office hours of the Instructor;

ii.    the subject matter to be explored in the course;

iii.    a list of all required assignments and examinations, the relative weight of assignments and examinations in the final assessment, the due dates for assignments and tests common to the entire class and worth more than 10% of the final grade. In classes in which students have individual projects or assignments due dates shall be arranged by consultation between the instructor and the student;

iv. a policy on submission of late assignments: a statement specifying any penalties that will be assessed when deadlines for the completion of course components are not met

Please ensure that the following notes appear on each of your course outlines:  

NOTE 1:  Students with special needs are advised to contact Laurier’s Accessible Learning Office for information regarding its services and resources.  They are also encouraged to review the Undergraduate Academic Calendar for information regarding all services available on campus.
NOTE 2:  Wilfrid Laurier University uses software that can check for plagiarism.  Students may be required to submit their written work in electronic form and have it checked for plagiarism.

NOTE 3:  FOOT Patrol [intended for courses offered at night] “After class, call 519.751.7875 for a walk or drive home - No Walk is Too Short or Too Long!”

Information regarding Counselling Services, Foot Patrol and Student Food Bank must be included in your course information (course outline/syllabus, MyLearning Space, etc.).

This link provides a syllabus template that will give guidance on required and suggested course outline informaiton. *Please note the "University and Course Policies" section of the course syllabus template for the most up-to-date required course material information.

NOTE: Faculty at Laurier Brantford is responsible for their own photocopying of course outlines.  (see “Photocopiers”)

Directed Studies

Students may contact their instructors inquiring about setting up a Directed Studies class. Some students will test a thesis they might want to explore in grad school, some students may choose a topic that will be marketable for a future job while others choose to explore curiosities and connections they have discovered in their learning.

Between yourself (the instructor) and the student, you will discuss what you want the student to learn and negotiate the readings, assignments, and assessments expected of the student over the term, This all must be completed before the professor completes the Directed Studies form, available from Megan Chipman or Jessica Buckle. Attach a course outline to the Directed Studies form before submitting the paperwork to the appropriate Administrative Assistant (Megan Chipman; Faculty of Human and Social Sciences or Jessica Buckle; Faculty of Liberal Arts).

Students don't register for these classes on LORIS. The process involves filling out the Directed Studies form. choosing a professor with which to work, preparing an outline and getting approval from the appropriate Dean. This all must be done before the Add/Drop deadline of the semester in which you want to do the Directed Studies, so plan ahead! Once the paperwork is complete, hand it in to the appropriate faculty - where it will be signed off by the Associate Dean. Once approval is given, the paperwork is sent to Registratial Services, where the student will be manually registered into the class. It is essential that no steps are missed in the Directed Studies process. If you have any questions, please ask.


All Wilfrid Laurier University faculty and staff require a network account for Microsoft Outlook E-Mail and to access all network resources. Network accounts are used to access computer consoles in classrooms, CAS offices, and computer Labs. E-mail will be used for all campus communication with CAS members; we ask that you establish your Network account as soon as possible and check your e-mail accounts regularly. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Service Desk by calling 519.756.8228 ext. 5725 or though the support portal:

Click here for Outlook login steps and resources.

You are governed by the policies of Wilfrid Laurier University to use your official WLU e-mail address to correspond with students/faculty and staff. Forwarding of e-mails outside of the Laurier e-mail system is not supported and Information Communication Technology (ICT) does not support this forwarding feature.

When completing the following online form, please check the box indicating that you are a part-time faculty member in "Brantford/name of program" and submit as soon as possible.

The online form can be found here. (Adobe Acrobat version 5.0 or greater is needed to complete this form.) 

Please note that once you have submitted your form, the IT department will use your personnel email address to contact you directly. Once contacted, you will be required to go to Laurier Brantford IT Department located in SC B110 to sign the "Login Request" form, no earlier than 24 hours after submission.

Contact Information:
Laurier's Employee Service Desk
Support Portal:
P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5725


Instructors are required to provide Registrarial Services with exam information.  An email will be sent out at the beginning of the term, requesting information. Instructors must respond to this request for information regardless if a final exam is a component of their course.  Instructors with no final exam requirement must still indicate this information.

Exams will take place Monday to Sunday. Final exams can be a maximum length of 2.5 hours. Exams will be scheduled at 8:30am, 12:00pm, 3:30pm and 7:00pm.  Instructors will proctor their own exam(s).  You will be notified if your course has qualified for an examination proctor to assist you with your exam(s).

It is University policy to provide us with a copy of your final examination (reference in Article in the F.T. Collective Agreement or 16.1 in the CAS Collective Agreement). It is crucial that we receive your final exam for the following reasons:
-    A copy is needed to plan and organize slip day for students with examination conflicts
-    Accessible Learning requires time to prepare the exam for students registered with their office
-    A copy has proven to be helpful if an instructor is unable to attend the examination, due to unforeseen circumstances.

Further information and required examination documents (e.g. Laurier Brantford Examination Cover Sheet, Presiding Officer Reports and Attendance Sign-in Sheets) will be e-mailed to instructors later on in the term.

Please advise your students of the following:
•  I.D. cards (or one form of government issued photo identification) MUST be presented at every exam.
•  No cell phones or electronic devices of any kind are to be brought into exam rooms.
•  No food or drink except for clear water bottles.

Wilfrid Laurier University exam regulations are available here.

Contact Information:
Ruth Cole, Scheduling and Examinations Coordinator
P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5535

Exam Printing

Final examination printing can be completed by the instructor or submitted to their program’s Assistant to the Program Coordinator for processing.

If you wish to print your own exams we recommend using the Printing Services website. For confidentiality concerns all exams are now to be delivered to the attention of Ruth Cole, Scheduling and Examination Coordinator.

Registrarial Services will notify you once the exams have arrived and will make arrangements via e-mail for you to pick up your exams.

Detailed information about exam printing will be circulated through email later on in the term.

Contact Information:
Ruth Cole, Scheduling and Examinations Coordinator
P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5535

Exam Scanning (Information)

Registrarial Services has a Remark Classic OMR4 scanner (Scantron).  This scanner will scan various standard format optical scanner forms.

Tests for marking can be sent to Ruth Cole in Grand River Hall, room 213.  They can also be submitted in the secure drop box outside of Registrarial Services entrance door (GRH208).

Contact Information:
Ruth Cole, Scheduling and Examinations Coordinator
Location: Grand River Hall, 213
P| 519.765.8228 ext. 5535

Exam Storage

Final exams and final papers are to be kept for a minimum of one calendar year. If you are unable store them during this period, you may store them at Registrarial Services.

Contact Information:
Ruth Cole
, Scheduling and Examinations Coordinator
P| 519.765.8228 ext. 5535

Exam Supplies

Final exams and final papers are to be kept for a minimum of one calender year. If you are unable to store them during this period, you may store them at Registrarial Services.

Contact Information:
Ruth Cole, Scheduling and Examinations Coordinator
P| 519.765.8228 ext. 5535

Foot Patrol

Foot Patrol is a student run organization that provides student escorts for all members of the Laurier Brantford community. Foot Patrol is available to all students, staff and faculty members at Laurier Brantford.

To contact Foot Patrol dial 519.751.7875 or press the Foot Patrol button on all Campus payphones.


According to Senate and the Collective Agreement, faculty are required to submit final course grades 96 hours after the writing of the final exam.

Grades for courses without final exams will have a separate deadline, which will be listed in the Final Grade Memo.The Records and Registration Administrator will send out a memo to all faculty members containing important information and instructions closer to the end of the terms.

Information regarding grades is available via the following link.

Instructions for Faculty using LORIS to enter grades can be found here.

Instructions for Faculty using MyLearningSpace to enter grades can be found here.

Grade changes are done through the Records and Registration Administrator. Please use the Grade Revisions form.

Contact Information:
P| 519.765.8228 ext. 5534

IT/Laurier Brantford Support Desk

In order to streamline support requests and better serve you, we utilize a support ticket system. Every support request is assigned a unique ticket number which you can use to track the progress and responses online. For your reference we provide complete archives and history of all your support requests. A valid email address is required.

Contact Information:
Laurier Brantford Support Desk
P| 519.756.8228 ext. 4357

Please contact the following individuals if you are having.
LORIS account issues, please email:

Banner account issues, please fill out this form:

Millennium account issues, please fill out this form:


MyLearningSpace account issues, please e-mail:

Network ID account issues, please place a ticket at:

Voicemail password reset, please fill out this form:

Please click here for Frequently Asked ITS Questions.

Key Services

Keys requests are submitted to Campus Administration by the Manager of the Dean's area. You will be issued a key for your office, the Business Centre, the media consoles and swipe card access for the building where your office is located. Keys are distributed by Kaitlyn Fowler in Campus Administration. You will receive a confirmation e-mail when the keys are ready to be picked up. Please contact Campus Administration to verify that someone will be in the office on the day and time you are coming.

Contact Information:
Rebecca Barnes
P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5613

Library Services

Library services are available on the Brantford campus at the Brantford Public Library and the Digital Library and Learning Commons, as well as at the Waterloo campus library and at the Faculty of Social Work in Kitchener. Access the library electronically here.

The Laurier Library collaborates with the Brantford Public Library to house the Laurier Brantford Library collection and offer circulation and basic information services.  For more in-depth research assistance, visit the Laurier Brantford Librarians in their offices at the Digital Library and Learning Commons: see below for their contact information.

The Laurier collection is on the lower level of the public library. The Nipissing collection is mostly located in the public library's children's section, but there are some Nipissing books in the Laurier collection on the lower floor as well. Laurier Brantford students and faculty are encouraged to register for a Brantford Public Library card to take advantage of public library resources that complement the local university collection.

The Digital Library and Learning Commons, on the first floor of Grand River Hall, offers a comfortable space for collaborative work and individual study. There are 10 public workstations as well as a photocopier and printer available. The DLLC is also home to the offices of Laurier’s Brantford librarians.

To arrange library instruction for your classes, recommend a title, request a class resource guide, get help with your own research or make general inquiries, contact one of Laurier’s Brantford librarians. 

Laurier Librarian
Irene Tencinger
P|  519-756-8228 ext. 5497

Laurier/Nipissing Librarian
Pauline Dewan
P|  519-756-8228 ext. 5529

The OneCard is your Library Card. Use it to borrow materials, access full-text resources from off-campus by by using your network ID to sign in, and request items from other libraries.

Laurier liaison librarians work with faculty to develop the local collections and provide in-depth library and research assistance to you and your students. As a new faculty member, you may want to meet with your liaison librarian to learn more about the library. Identify your contacts by visiting here.

The Laurier Library, together with the libraries at the University of Waterloo and Guelph, constitute the TriUniversity Group of Libraries (TUG). Resources at Laurier, the University of Guelph, the University of Waterloo and the shared storage annex are available through Primo. Borrow books for up to a term from any location listed in Primo, and renew in person or online.

Search for specific journals, in electronic or print format here. To find databases and other resources for your discipline, click here. Most databases link directly to full-text articles through Get it! @ Laurier. To access licensed full-text electronic resources from off-campus, first log in through the off-campus login found here.

Request journal articles from other libraries using RACER and have them delivered by email or to the Brantford Public Library..  Faculty and graduate students can also borrow in person from most Canadian university libraries.

You have a role in collaborative collection development! We welcome your suggestions for purchases. Send recommendations to your faculty liaison, or use the online form.

Course reserves help students access high-use print and electronic materials. Allow two to three weeks for the material to be processed. Laurier Library accepts materials to be placed on reserve that are within the copyright limits outlined in the Copyright Act or by Access Copyright.

Laurier Brantford has a growing media collection of DVDs and videos available for classroom use. To identify these in Primo, search for videos by changing the drop-down menu to Audio Visual and limiting the search to the Brantford Campus Library. Brantford media can be reserved by clicking on the "request item" link in Primo.  After you sign in, select the "WLU Brant media booking form" from the "Select a request" drop-down menu. Pick up videos at the circulation desk.

DVDs and videos are also available from the Library on the Waterloo campus. To find DVDs and videos available to you, please search the Media catalog.

To request media from the Library, please use the online Faculty Video Request Form. For more information about media resources, please visit here or contact the Laurier Brantford Librarians, who would be happy to assist you. 


Your mailbox is located in the same building as your office, in the closest Business Centre. Please check your mail regularly and do not have personal packages sent to the University.

Business Centre locations are as follows:

Carnegie Building (CB), room 119
Grand River Hall (GRH), room 137
Odeon (OD), room 111
Research and Academic Centre West (RCW), room 330
Research and Academic Centre East (RCE), room 236
St. Andrews (STA), room 301A
S.C Johnson (SCJ), rooms 106 or 320

If your mailbox is not there, please contact  or call ext. 5814 and provide your name and office location.

Please note that the billing address remains 73 George Street, but the shipping address is 20 Charlotte St., N3T 2W2.

Make-Up Mid-Term Exams

Make-up midterms are to be arranged between the faculty member and the student, and should not involve office staff. Make up midterms can also be written in the professors’ offices if that is agreed upon by the student. Staff cannot act as proctors for mid-terms.

Room bookings can be made through the online form.

Midterm Proctor Request

Before requesting a midterm proctor, please consider producing two versions of your exam to eliminate the need of an empty seat between students. Provisions for proctoring are made within the Instructional Assistant (IA) contract; therefore, your IA should be utilized when possible (rather than requesting a Proctor).  Same can be said should a Graduate Student be assisting in your class.

Please note; if your class size is less than 80 students, you are not eligible for a Proctor (unless "extraordinary circumstances" exist). Requests for a proctor must be received at least two weeks prior to the date of your midterm exam. 

  1. Submit your request via the online form “Request for a Midterm Exam Proctor” available via the 'forms' section on each Faculty website. Click here if you are part of the Faculty of Liberal Arts or click here if you are part of the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences.
  2. The Administrative Assistant (Jessica Buckle; Faculty of Liberal Arts or Megan Chipman; Faculty of Human and Social Sciences) will schedule a proctor (from the provided ‘proctor pool’) and communicate the date, time and location where the midterm is to take place with the chosen proctor.
  3. Once a proctor has accepted the offer to proctor the midterm, the Administrative Assistant will confirm all details with the instructor (regarding who will be proctoring the exam).
  4. Payroll sheets will be completed by the Administrative Assistant.  In the event the proctor does not arrive to assist in supervising the midterm exam, please contact Jessica Buckle (ext. 5560) and/or Megan Chipman (ext. 5782) immediately.

Multi-Faith Services

Multi-Faith Services combines the spiritual backgrounds and resources of a number of local faith communities.  Students can meet with a spiritual advisor to discuss a wide range of issues.  You can also find out when and where student faith groups are meeting.  Find out how this unique community network can enhance your student experience.  

Contact Information:
P| 519.756.8228 ext.5716

Multi-Media Classrooms

As a member of the Laurier Brantford team, you are encouraged to use the tools we have on campus to help aid your teaching. This includes using Power Point, and video and audio to enhance your class and make it interactive.

Most of our classrooms/lecture theatres are equipped with media consoles.  Floating media carts are available in each building and can be booked when filling out a room booking form with Service Laurier. Also in the Odeon building, you can use the computer lab to offer hands-on tutorials using the media cart.

For the rooms that contain a full media console you will need to obtain a media key from Rebecca Barnes in Campus Administration. Please remember that media keys open all consoles on both the Waterloo and Brantford Campuses.

Contact Information:
Brantford Keys 


MyLearningSpace is Laurier's learning management system, which is powered by Desire2Learn. You can request to have your course(s) set up in MyLearning space using the link below, and many instructors use the system to post information and resources for students online. For example, some courses may use online quizzes, discussions, group work or electronic assignment submission. You may access the site here. When asked to login, use your Laurier username and password. 

MyLearningSpace has separate documents for different tools, These documents are all available in the "Instructor Resources" widget in the "Video Tutorials and Print Instructions" link. In order to access the link, you must be logged in to MyLearningSpace.

The direct Link is: https://mylearningspace,

If you have questions or difficulties accessing or using the system, please send an email to

Need help with an aspect of MyLearningSpace?
Not sure how a MyLearningSpace function works?
Not sure how to best use MyLearningSpace from a pedagogical standpoint to support your course?
Want to use clickers in your classroom teaching, but not sure how they work?
Want to try something completely new?
Maybe you'd like to use podcasting or other Web 2.0 technologies in your teaching, but need more information.

Contact Information:
Mary Scott
P| 519.884.0710 ext. 4722

Stefan Todoroff
P| 519.884.0710 ext. 3531

"Providing support for technologies that support and enhance the teaching and learning experience at Laurier."

Office Hours

Please post your office hours outside the office assigned to you. When posting signs, please use the nameplates beside your office door or the glass and not a painted surface.


Laurier's OneCard is a photo identification employee card. It is valid at all Wilfrid Laurier University campuses. For staff and faculty in Brantford, this card acts as your Library Card, Athletics Card and can be loaded with money to use at participating local food vendors and the Bookstore. It also provides access to several campus buildings after hours.

Please visit Service Laurier Brantford (SLB) to obtain your OneCard - SLB is located on the 2nd floor of Grand River Hall (GRH202), to the right as you enter the front doors. Please bring your employee ID number as well as valid government photo idenitification in order to obtain your OneCard. 

Key purposes:
•    Identification for exams (students)
•    Accessing the Library and online journals
•    Access to Student Centre after hours
•    Gym membership (requires payment) 
•    City Transit bus pass (full-time & LEAF students)

Contact Information:
Service Laurier Brantford 
P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5885


On-campus parking is available to all faculty and staff members upon request. There are no designated parking spaces unless a "Reserved" or "Carpool" parking spot has been purchased. Please refer to the campus parking map for designated faculty/staff parking lots. Payment via payroll deduction is available to all faculty and staff members who select an annual permit. For those requiring a parking pass for only one or two terms payments must be made in full at Service Laurier Brantford (contact details below).

Brantford faculty and staff parking permits will allow those displaying their pass to park in the Gold Parking Permit Areas at the Waterloo Campus. The hang-tag must be attached to the rear-view mirror of the vehicle with the permit number clearly visible through the windshield. Vehicles which fail to properly display a valid permit will be ticketed.

To accommodate all faculty and staff requirring a parking permit, Laurier Brantford has arranged for spots to be made available at the City Parking Garage (50 Icomm Drive). Employees assigned to park at the parking garage will be given a swipe card to access the lot. As this service is arranged by Laurier Brantford Parking Services, all inquires and transactions will be conducted through Service Laurier Brantford.

Parking Services in Brantford is located in Grand River Hall, GRH 202, to the right as you enter the front doors.

For all parking information please contact:
Service Laurier Brantford
P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5885

Pay Schedule

Pay is directly deposited once per month on the 18th.

Personal Information - Changes

In cases of emergency it is imperative that we have the most up-to-date information for your local and permanent address and telephone numbers on file.

If any of your personal information changes; address, phone number, emergency contact, etc., please notify:

James Yuhasz

P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5733


Photocopier codes can be requested from the Distribution Services webpage,,  under forms. Codes may be used from any copier on campus. Acceptable photocopying would include: exams, course outlines, assignments, course prep and research. There should be no photocopying of student handouts or other items unless paid in advance.

Contact Information:
Candice Krall
P| 519.765.8228 ext. 5814

Poster Policy

The Dean of Students Office provides the poster approvals for Laurier Brantford. Groups will be provided a list of locations to hang their posters when they receive approval. At no point will the Dean of Students Office be responsible for hanging or taking down any posters on campus. For details, please see the Dean of Students Office

Groups wishing to post that are affiliated with WLU, WLUSU or WLUSP may bring their posters to the Dean of Students Office between 10-4pm weekdays. The Dean of Students Office will approve up to 31 posters. You may then take 16 of these posters to the Residence Life Office in Grand River Hall for distribution in Residence. You may post the remaining 15 posters around campus at specific locations.

Poster space is reserved for University Events, University sponsored events and Non-profit events. 

Dean of Students Office
Student Centre (103 Darling St.)
Floor 2, SC 226
Tel: 519-756-8228 x5716

Printing Services

Wilfrid Laurier University Printing Services is also available for the reproduction of exams, course outlines and assignments. Please contact the Academic Program Assistant in your department/program to place your order online.

Please refer to your department/program website for a list of administrative support:

Privacy & Access (FIPPA)

The main role of the Privacy Office is twofold: to provide public access to university records and information and to protect the personal privacy of the university community in compliance with Ontario’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).

The Privacy Office provides assistance and advice to the university community regarding FIPPA and university policies relevant to Access and Privacy, namely 10.1 Information Availability and Privacy Protection and 10.2 Student Records. You are urged to consult the Privacy Office webpage for more information (

For information regarding what student information can be shared and/or collected, please consult FIPPA 101 for Faculty and Staff and 10 Quick Facts about Privacy and FIPPA at Laurier.

Questions can be directed to the Privacy Office at, or to the Privacy
Co-ordinator at 519-884-0710 ext. 2037

Room Bookings

Rooms need to be booked for any purpose (academics, meetings, events, clubs, etc.).  To book any rooms, spaces, foyers, etc. please complete this online form.

Confirmation of booked rooms will be sent through e-mail within 48 business hours. The person booking the room will be responsible for the dissemination of information/clean up of the room/area booked. If you require table(s) please advise at time of room booking, or at least 2 days prior to the event. Cancellations or changes should be sent via email to

External parties should email Jenna Hamshire through to reserve rooms on campus.

"Slip Day" Examinations

In all cases, students are first asked to approach their instructor with exam conflicts or change of date requests.  As written in the Undergraduate calendar, "the student may apply to the instructor or designate to be allowed to write the exam at an alternate time, ideally during the regularly scheduled examination period, but at the latest not beyond the date by which final grades for the last scheduled exam are to be submitted to the Registrar's Office.”   Many instructors prefer to reschedule their own exam session with the student.  If an agreeable solution cannot be worked out between the student and instructor, the following is in place to assist students:

Slip Day is an exam session for students with exam conflicts for the following reasons:

1.    Three exams within a 24 hour period
2.    Two or more exams scheduled at the exact same time
3.    Campus conflict (students taking courses at the Waterloo and Brantford Campus)

These three reasons are automatically approved by Registrarial Services.  Students must complete the Laurier Brantford Final Examination Conflict Form, available through the Registrarial Services website. 

For reasons outside of those listed above, Slip Day may also be approved through the Dean's Office.  These instances can include such things as serious illness, death in the family, etc.  If the student cannot be accommodated by the Instructor, please direct students to the Dean's Office.

If you have a student who has been approved to write on Slip Day from the permission of Registrarial Services or the Dean's Office, you will be copied on the e-mail to the student which notifies them of the date and time they will be writing.

For all exam related inquiries please contact:
Ruth Cole
, Scheduling and Examinations Coordinator
P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5535

Software Acquisition

Information Technology Services maintains licenses for several different software products. Please consult this link prior to making any purchases.

Special Constable Service

The Special Constable Service, in partnership with Brantford Police Service and Residence Life Staff, are available 24 hours a day to respond to emergency situations. Please contact Special Constable Service at the emergency number for immediate response.

We share our office with the Brantford Police Service Downtown BEAT Unit. Our office extension is 5762 for general information and inquires. From outside the campus our number is 519-756-8228.

For all EMERGENCIES, TO REPORT AN INCIDENT, OR IF YOU NEED A CONSTABLE TO ATTEND FOR ANY REASON, please contact Waterloo Dispatch at extension 5888 who is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Please advise them you are calling from the Brantford Campus and that you need a Constable to attend to your location. All Campus payphones have a free direct dial button for security. They will dispatch a Laurier Brantford Special Constable. This is a free call from all campus payphones located in the Odeon Building, the Carnegie Building, the Student Centre, Grand River Hall and Wilkes House Recreation Centre.

Contact Information:
45 Market Street
P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5762 (General Information or Inquiries)
P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5883 (Emergency)

Click here for a complete staff listing.

Special Constables can be contacted at their personal email accounts or through the Special Constable general email with any questions or concerns at

Standard Office Supplies

Standard office supplies are kept in the following locations:
CB - Business Centre (CB119)
GRH - Business Centres (GRH137 and GRH224)
OD - Administration Office (OD111)
RAC - Business Centres (RCE124, RCW236 and RCW330)
SCJ - Business Centres (Rooms 106, 320 and 408)
STA - Business Centre (STA301A)

Please notify the administration office for each building if you see that supplies are getting low.

Telephone Extension

You will be notified once a telephone extension has been assigned to you.

To access the Laurier eGuide start at the main page for Wilfrid Laurier University. Select Information About > Laurier > E-mail/phone directory or

The Brantford Hub

The Laurier Brantford Hub services students, staff and faculty at the Laurier Brantford Campus. The Hub offers a variety of products including; confectionary snacks and amenities, healthy and unique refreshments, computer accessories, hardware and software, printing services and is also the pick-up location for student mail and online media. Educational Software is available through The Hub at a discounted price to all Laurier students, faculty and staff. The Hub offers black and white copies, colour copies and custom print options. In addition, The Hub staff provides on-site customer service with regards to any printing and computer requirements.

Contact Information:
Tara Velanoff (Manager Retail, Printing & Distribution Services, Brantford Campus)
P| 519.728.8228 ext. 5834

The Dean of Students Office

The Dean of Students Office focuses on the development and delivery of student support and safety programs necessary for each student to be successful and to achieve an enriched educational experience. Recognizing that student success means something individualistic to each student, we aim to provide a variety of opportunities for students to feel integrated, engaged, and safe. Core areas of students experience include student leadership, advocacy, personal development, wellness, support, safety, and conduct. In order to provide these services and supports, the Dean of Students Office oversees the Wellness Centre and The Student Life and Engagement Office.

All members of the Laurier Community can seek support from or refer students to the Dean of Students office.

Providing Essential Support
The Dean of Students office regularly works with students in financical need in order to develop strategies for optimizing their finances. We administrate the Dean's Discretionary Fund. This fun was created through community donations for the purpose of supporting students whose emergency circumstances are beyond their ability to meet and directly affect their ability to successfully pursue their academic studies. 

The Stedman Community Bookstore

The Stedman Community Bookstore is part of the Laurier Retail Services, which is located on the Brantford Campus in the Research & Academic Centre, West Wing.

Located in the heart of downtown Brantford, this Bookstore serves all Laurier Brantford students with their textbook, school supply, and  spirit wear needs, as well as the Brantford community with expanded general book an gift sections.

Most importantly, the Stedman Community Bookstore provides faculty, staff and students with a wide variety of products and services that are outlined below.

The Laurier Brantford Bookstore carries all required and recommended titles for your courses and provides a custom course package service. The Book Buyback Program ensures an adequate supply of used titles for students.

The Laurier Brantford Bookstore also offers an online textbook ordering system. By creating an online account you will be able to place, edit and track orders for all of your courses. You can also choose to be notified by email when your order is in stock.

Laurier Brantford offers a selection of general books, including faculty publications and Laurier Press titles. The Bookstore also offers a special order service for books not in stock.

Laurier Brantford clothing, products and various gifts are sold at the bookstore. There are several sales throughout the year including Laurier's Birthday Sale, Fall & Spring Sidewalk Sales and monthly in-store features.

For all Stedman Community Bookstore related inquiries/orders contact:
Jocelyn Jacob (Supervisor, Brantford Campus)
P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5608

Tara Velanoff (Manager Retail, Printing & Distribution Services, Brantford Campus)
P| 519.728.8228 ext. 5834 

The Wellness Centre

The Wellness Centre provides a multidisciplinary approach to student health and makes use of a diverse team of health and wellness professionals. The Wellness Centre provides your round medical care using a circle of care model for staff, faculty and students. Our multidisciplinary team provides primary health care, health promotion and education, the peer Educator prgram, triages students to appropriate care and resources, and provides care for workplace injuries.

Our on campus service reduces travel to home communities for primary care physicians and counsellors and deduces the need for local physicians to take on new patients. Through our comprehensive services and extensive referral network, students, staff and faculty can access services available to them right here on campus. 

Key Services:

  • Physician
  • Psychiatrist
  • Chiropractor
  • Massage Therapy
  • Personal Counselling

 Hours of Operation:

  • September to April - Monday to Friday 8:30 to 4:15
  • May to August - Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 8:30 - 4:15

Contact Information:

Wellness Centre
P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5803

Transcription/Alternate Format Material Requests

If a student in your course has a print disability or visual impairment, you will be contacted well in advance of the term (6-8 weeks) about materials you will be using in the course. It is important that Accessible Learning receive this information soon after the request in order to ensure that materials are ready for students at the beginning of term. You can send this information to

University Holidays

University Holidays


Phone extension requests are submitted to Physical Resources by the Manger of the Dean's area. The Manager of the Dean's area will advise you of your phone extension. The default phone extension password is 66 plus extension number. It is recommended that you change the default password.

Helpful phone extension information:

To setup your voicemail for both Laurier and the community to hear, do the following:

- Press 7000 or message (if your phone has this button)
- Enter your extension followed by the # key 
- Your password is 66 + your extension followed by the # key (this is a temporary password & you will be asked to change it)
- Press 8*
- Press 2 and then 1
- Press 5 to record message and # to end message

To setup your voicemail for "internal" Laurier callers" to hear, do the following:

- Press 7000 or message (if your phone has this button)
- Enter your extension followed by the # key 
- Enter your password followed by the # key
- Press 8*
- Press 2 and then 2
- Press 76 to delete the message

If you have problems with your phone extension or your phone, please contact Lisa Keys.

Contact Information:
Lisa Keys
P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5574
A| SC Johnson Building, 38 Market Street, Brantford 

Website Profile

All Wilfrid Laurier University faculty have profiles on the Wilfrid Laurier University website. The website is currently under construction as we migrate to a new and exciting format. If you have not already done so, please submit your faculty profile information to Jessica Buckle, Faculty of Liberal Arts or Megan Chipman, Faculty of Human and Social Sciences. Jessica and Megan are also available if you have any questions.

WLU Email Account

Wilfrid Laurier University’s official means of communication with you is through your WLU e-mail account. Faculty, Staff and Students are expected to regularly review their Laurier e-mail account for important communication from the university community, and are also expected to use their Laurier e-mail account when engaging in any electronic communication with university officials, departments or faculty.

E-mail communications sent from external e-mail systems (e.g.: Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, etc) may be identified as spam, and as such, may not be delivered to the intended recipient.

Your cooperation is appreciated

Writing and Study Skills Services, Centre for Student Success

A variety of writing and study skills services are available for students and faculty. Students can access individual writing or study skills consultations with trained peer mentors or with professional staff, as well as participate in campus-wide general workshops and facilitated study groups for select courses. Faculty may request discipline or assignment-specific in-class lectures and workshops from the centre’s professional staff.

We cannot stress enough that we don’t provide quick fixes. Our goal is to help students learn to be better writers and learners and this takes time. There is a learning process underway and the more a student comes in, the more we see them put into practice what they’ve learned. We strive to help students learn to study better, not longer, and to improve their writing and editing skills. We offer a number of resources and have writing and learning handouts available on our website.  

We also provide specialized support services for specific learning needs including on-line consultation, conversation and academic skills for students who are English Language Learners, and an on-going support programme (the G.P.A. Program) for students who are academically at-risk or on academic probation.

•    One-on-one writing and study skills appointments
•    General and discipline-specific writing and learning skills workshops
•    Course-specific facilitated study groups
•    In-centre resources including handouts, worksheets, and books and access to electronic resources
•    Specialized services for different learning needs
•    In class workshops at faculty request

Contact Information:
Jenna Olender (Manager, Writing and Study Skills Services)
E|  or
P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5788

Appointment Contact:
P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5736