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October 23, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Awards & Scholarships (retired)

Some awards and scholarships have been retired and are no longer available to current students.  However, we feel it is important to recognize the recipients of these older awards and scholarships.

CIBC Technology and Operations Co-operative Education Work Report Award
This award was granted to the student who was judged to have submitted the best overall work report in the Honours BBA/Honours Computing & Computer Electronics double degree program.

2005 Christopher DePaul
2004 Justin Skinner
2003 Jeffrey Moore

Dell Canada Scholarship
This award was available to a second-year student in the University's double degree program in Honours Computing and Computer Electronics and Business Administration.
2003 Shen Guo
2002 Jeffrey Moore
2001 Craig McGee

Digital Equipment Corporation Scholarship
Awarded annually by the Digital Equipment of Canada Limited to a student who had successfully completed two years of the Honours Computing & Computer Electronics program, and who had the highest grades.
1989 Todd Smith
1985 Frank Dudas
1985 Scott Henwood
1984 Herbert Cameron
1983 Raymond Leddy
1982 Thomas Cameron