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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Science
December 8, 2016
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Common Requirements

A minor is a secondary concentration of courses in a subject other than a major or Honours subject. The minimum requirements for the minor consist of at least three credits, no fewer than two of which shall be senior credits obtained at Laurier.  A minimum GPA of 4.5 is required on all courses of the minor subject.

Special Requirements

Computer Science:

CP104; CP114 or CP164; CP213; another 1.5 senior credits in Computer Science.


PC131, PC132 (or PC141, PC142 ); PC212; PC242; 1.0 additional senior credit in Physics.

Students are advised that the listed physics courses have mathematics prerequisites and co-requisites; specifically MA110* or MA103 or MA105, MA122, MA205. Depending on the senior credits chosen, there may be additional mathematics requirements.

[Changed September 1 2009 to allow PC141/PC142 if the required calculus has been taken (without requiring permission of the department).]