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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Science
October 22, 2017
Canadian Excellence

Computer Science BSc and Business Administration BBA (New 2015 Program)

This double degree program draws upon the quality and reputation of each of these respective programs in order to develop a unique educational experience for students in the field of business and computer science. The program provides qualified applicants the opportunity to develop an expertise in each of these fields. By utilizing the synergies that exist between these two respective programs, the students can maximize the benefit of their educational experience by completing these two undergraduate degrees within a period of less than five years. The program consists of a minimum of 25.0 credits. Graduates of this program receive two degrees: Honours BSc in Computer Science and the Honours Bachelor of Business Administration.

Students must complete all courses specified in the year that they are listed.

Fall Term Winter Term Spring Term
Year 1
(5.0 credits)
BU111 Understanding the Business Environment
CP104 Intro to Programming
EC120 Intro to Microeconomics
MA110* Intro to Differential & Integral Calculus
  (or MA103 Calculus I)
MA122 Introductory Linear Algebra

BU121 Functional Areas of the Organization
BU127 Intro to Financial Accounting
CP164 Data Structures I
EC140 Intro to Macroeconomics
MA110* Intro to Differential & Integral Calculus
  (or 0.5 elective credit if MA103 taken in fall)

Year 2
(5.0 credits)
BU288 Organizational Behaviour I
CP212 Windows Application Programming
CP213 Intro to Object-Oriented Programming
CP220 Digital Electronics
MA121 Intro to Mathematical Proofs
BU247 Managerial Accounting
CP216 Intro to Microprocessors
CP264 Data Structures II
CP363 Database I
MA238 Discrete Mathematics
Co-op #1
Year 3
(5.0 credits)
BU255/EC255 Managerial Statistics
CP312 Algorithm Analysis and Design I
CP386 Operating Systems
1.0 senior CP elective credits
Co-op #2  BU231 Business Law
BU275 Business Decision Models
BU283 Financial Management I CP317 Software Engineering
EC250 Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis for Management or EC260 Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis for Management
Year 4
(5.0 credits)
Co-op #3 BU352 Intro to Marketing Management
BU354 Human Resources Management
BU385 Operations Management I
CP372 Computer Networks
0.5 senior CP elective credit
BU362 Building & Managing Products, Services & Brands
BU393 Financial Management II
BU395 Operations Management II
BU398 Organizational Behaviour II
BU415 Intro to Management Information Systems or BU486 Information Systems Development, Control and Audit (BU415/486 may be taken in either year 4 or 5)
Year 5
(5.0 credits)
BU481 Business Policy I
1.5 senior BU elective credits
0.5 400 level CP elective credit

BU491 Business Policy II
CP373 Ethics & Professional Practice in Computer Science
CP414 Foundations of Computing
0.5 senior CP elective credit 0.5 400 level CP elective credit

Year 5
(5.0 credits)
Co-op #4 BU481 Business Policy I
CP373 Ethics & Professional Practice in Computer Science
CP414 Foundations of Computing
0.5 senior CP elective credit 1.0 400 level CP elective credit
BU491 Business Policy II
1.5 senior BU elective credits
Total (25 credits)

Summary of the Program Changes

  • The following courses have been removed as program requirements:
    • PC131 Mechanics (or PC141 Mechanics for Life Sciences) (year 1).
    • PC132 Thermodynamics & Waves (or PC142 Thermodynamics & Waves for Life Sciences)
      (year 1).
    • MA205 Differential Equations I (year 3).
    • CP315 Introduction to Scientific Computing (year 4).
  • The above requirements have been replaced by 2.0 senior credits in computer science: CP212 and 3 senior CP courses selected by the student. (Subject to Note 2 below.)

  • The introductory computer science course sequence has changed:
    • CP114 Data Structures replaced by CP164 Data Structures I.
    • CP217 Introduction to System Programming replaced by CP264 Data Structures II.
  • CP/PC120 Digital Electronics has been moved to year 2 and renumbered as CP/PC220 Digital Electronics.


  1. Students must satisfy requirements (A) and (B) for progression and graduation:

    A. GPA of 7 (B-) for all BU courses, and GPA of 5 (C) for all EC, CP, PC, MA and other courses

    B. GPA of 5 (C) for all CP courses, and GPA of 5 (C) overall.

  2. The 3.0 senior computer science credits must include at least 1.0 credit at the 400 level.

  3. Students will have the option of undertaking a co-op experience of three to four one term assignments within the program.