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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Science
October 17, 2017
Canadian Excellence

Computer Science BSc

The aim of this BSc program is to develop a strong understanding of the basic principles of computer science, while providing the opportunity for specialization according to students' interests. The program consists of a minimum of 20 full-credit courses (or equivalent).

This schedule serves as a guide to the order that the courses may be taken. Students may follow a different schedule of their choice.

Fall Term Winter Term
Year 1 CP104 Introduction to Programming
MA110* Intro to Differential & Integral Calculus
  (or MA103 Calculus I)
MA122 Introductory Linear Algebra
PC131 Mechanics
  (or PC141 Mechanics for Life Sciences)
0.5 elective credit
CP114 Data Structures
CP120 Digital Electronics
MA110* Intro to Differential & Integral Calculus
(0.5 elective credit if MA103 taken in Fall)
MA121 Introduction to Mathematical Proofs
PC132 Thermodynamics & Waves
  (or PC142 Thermodynamics & Waves for Life Sciences)
Year 2 CP213 Intro to Object-Oriented Programming
MA205 Differential Equations I
1.5 elective credits
CP216 Microprocessor I
CP217 Introduction to System Programming
MA238 Discrete Mathematics
1 elective credit
(MA222 Linear Algebra recommended)

Year 3 CP312 Algorithm Design and Analysis I
CP317 Software Engineering
CP386 Operating Systems
MA240 Introduction to Probability & Statistics
0.5 elective credit

CP315 Introduction to Scientific Computing
CP363 Database I
CP372 Computer Networks
CP373 Ethics & Professional Practice in Computer Science
1 elective credit

Year 4 2.5 elective credits CP414 Foundations of Computing
2 elective credits


  1. The electives must include:
    • at least three senior CP credits among which at least one credit must be at the 400 level
    • at least one half-credit in Curriculum Division A
    • at least one half-credit in Curriculum Division B.

  2. For progression into the next year, and for graduation, the requirement is:
    • a minimum cumulative GPA of 5.00 (C) calculated on the Computer Science courses
    • a minimum cumulative overall GPA of 5.00 (C).

  3. Maximum of 7 100-level credits are allowed.


All courses listed are one-half credit, except for courses marked with:
* 1 credit course