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October 25, 2016
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Mohawk-Laurier Pre-Health Articulation Agreement

The Mohawk/Laurier Pre-Health Articulation Agreement aims to grant admission to those students who graduate from Mohawk’s Pre-health Certificate, to Laurier’s Bachelor of Arts & Science in Health Studies (BASc), at our Brantford campus. The articulation allows for Pre-health students graduating with an overall B+ (75%) average and a 75% in the math courses (which includes two courses: MATH 10008 Pre-Health Math 1 and MATH 10009 Pre-Health Math 2) will gain admission to the BASc. In addition, students will be granted 2.5 transfer credits towards the BASc program. These credits include: HS 101, CT 222, CT/HS 203 and 1.0 junior miscellaneous credits. 


Our BASc in Health Studies is an interdisciplinary approach to the study of health and health care. Students will learn that health is determined by far more than the availability of health care, and that health care itself involves more than simply treating illness. Health Studies is a dynamic field, continually evolving to integrate scientific advancements and new knowledge about the role of social and environmental influences on health and well-being, the costs of health care and the impact of illness on productivity and quality of life. Our graduates will learn about:

  • the social, biological, and environmental causes of illness
  • health care policies and political structures
  • the management of health care in both everyday and crisis situations
  • the challenges of providing care for specific populations
  • the strengths and challenges of prevention over symptom-based treatments

It's been said that medicine is both an art and a science. The Honours Bachelor of Arts and Science degree in Health Studies, is built around that very idea. Starting with the core of our BA programs, we add a selection of science courses to ensure that students gain a fundamental understanding of the biological basis of health and disease. This combination of coursework in the arts and sciences provides perspectives ranging from the cell to society, and should appeal to those looking to maximize both their expertise and career flexibility.

Students who are interested in studying another Bachelor of Arts program offered at our Brantford campus, can find more information on our College Transfer Policies into BA degrees page.  

If you have any questions about the articulation agreement, or any other transfer policies, please contact the Recruitment & Admissions office by email , or by phone 519-756-8228 x5777.

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