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January 23, 2017
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Advanced Summer Acceleration Program (ASAP)

Laurier Brantford is dedicated to providing opportunities for college graduates to continue their education and work towards achieving a Bachelors degree. The latest option for degree completion, the Advanced Summer Acceleration Program (ASAP) combines an enhanced transfer credit agreement with a shortened period of study, in most cases allowing students to complete an Honours degree in just two years.


Graduates from two-year diploma programs receive up to six transfer credits, equivalent to just over one year of study, and leaving students with almost three years of study left to complete their degree. The ASAP allows students to start their degree one semester earlier in the summer, and with continuous study, complete a four-year Honours degree in only two calendar years.

In addition to the benefits that come from completing a degree in a shortened period of time, the ASAP also provides a number of benefits for students transferring to university from a college environment. By starting in the summer, students will be able to transition to a university atmosphere, classroom, workload and professor expectations in an environment designed specifically for college transfers. In fact, one of the courses in your first semester, Contemporary Studies Methodologies, (CT220) will embed transitional skills into the course. Currently under development is a University 101 summer program to prepare students for the transition from high school or college to university. This program would be complimentary to ASAP, and may be included in the design of the program. Students who have made the transition from college to university indicate that while the work isnít more difficult, there is an adjustment to the different style of assignments and courses.

The summer semester will also be a reduced course load, with only four courses rather than the standard five (with the exception of students taking Psychology). This reduced workload, in combination with a structured first semester will assist students as they experience the differences between college and university. 

Finally, the ASAP provides students with the advantage of being with a group of their peers who are coming from college, and have shared experiences. As a result, they will have similar questions and will be undergoing the same transition. This shared experience will allow for a more dedicated approach to meet the needs of this unique group of students, by the professors and student services staff.

Depending on the transfer credits that students receive from their college program, some degree programs may be easier to complete within the two year cycle than others.  Students should contact the recruitment office to discuss their program interests and learn how it fits within the ASAP.


Students will apply to the ASAP program online through the Ontario Universities Application Centre. The programs available may be limited and students should be aware that the program they are transferring from may impact their eligibility for ASAP.

Students wishing to apply to ASAP should select May 2012 as their desired start date, and the deadline for applications is March 13, 2012. For more information, contact - Catherine O'Brien in Recruitment & Admissions, 519-756-8228 x5777.