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Wilfrid Laurier University Leaf
December 3, 2016
Canadian Excellence

About CSL at Laurier


Our vision is to see all Laurier students graduate with a critical understanding of themselves and their potential to make a meaningful contribution to the world.


We enhance Laurier studentsí  educational experiences and understanding of themselves and their role in the world through learning opportunities that provide reciprocal value to community and the university. We do this by providing advising and instruction; developing an array of program options; facilitating connections and deepening university-community partnerships; and, implementing best practices that emphasize self and societal transformation in post-secondary community service learning.


The following values guide our work:

  • Social Justice
  • Critical Reflection
  • Reciprocity
  • Service
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


Program Quality. Develop a stronger foundation for CSL by investing in high quality experiences for both students and community organizations, developing supporting advising and instruction to enhance student preparedness, and pursuing successful program outcomes through on-going research and measurement.

Increase Accessibility. Increase accessibility for community partners by becoming a hub and facilitating their access to Laurierís resources and expertise.  Expand studentsí access to service-learning, volunteerism and other opportunities by expanding program options horizontally, by making them available through more faculties and courses and program types, as well as vertically, by providing a deeper range of program options.

Build reciprocal, meaningful partnerships. Build stronger relationships on campus with Faculties, departments, faculty members, administration and students and off campus with community organizations and other partners and funders through better communications, stakeholder engagement, and recognition of contributions to CSL at Laurier.

Leadership. Become the ambassador for student engagement in the Laurier community by expanding CSL as both a learning and development model as well as a valued means to support community organizations. Develop innovative programs that contribute to student success and bring recognition to Laurier in the post-secondary community.

Strategic Management. Develop a clear strategic direction for CSL at Laurier by creating measurable, time-phased objectives to benchmark progress and ensure effective use of resources; building and supporting a cohesive and competent staff team, and implementing effective management practices to fulfil our mission.