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June 28, 2017
Canadian Excellence


Developmental Psychology II: Youth and Adolescence (PS276) students examine developmental issues from adolescence to young adulthood. The CSL placement brings the course material to life by illustrating real practices and policies relevant to youth and their development.  

Paired with weekly lectures, activities, and discussions, the CSL placement provides for an innovative learning model.  

The CSL placement involves participating with a local community organization or school for a minimum duration of 20 hours per term. The placement provides an opportunity for students to observe behaviours, explore issues in a local setting, and to ask questions about the development of adolescents. The placement also gives students familiarity with a local setting designed for youth.  

Personal connections to course content and community service learning are also explored.  Through discussions and assignments students reflect on work in the field, developing effective parenting skills, and their own volunteering and civic responsibility.   

Students in PS276 not only learn about the course content, they also learn about themselves and their place in the world.

I did my first placement at Pathways to Education as a tutor. It was a great experience and opportunity for me to get off campus and interact in a more real-world environment, that I had felt was sorely lacking in a strictly text-book based learning paradigm. The kids I worked with were inspiring, and the chance to volunteer with the organization allowed me to create contacts within Mosaic Family Counseling Services.  I continued to volunteer for them over a year after the completion of that placement. - Kaitlyn Bois, Student