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June 26, 2017
Canadian Excellence


The Community Internship (CT403), is the most in-depth CSL experience at Laurier. It is the only full-year CSL course offered and it focuses exclusively on matters pertaining to community, including community engagement, working in community, community development, community participation, and community-university partnerships, and thinking about community academically.

CT403_quote.gifStudents work individually or with other students, working closely with a specific community agency on a project or activity identified by the agency and the student(s). The goal is to work together on a project that benefits both the community agency and the student(s). Students are required to commit 80-90 hours of service over the course of 2 terms.

The grading system for the course is very non-traditional. A student’s grade is determined by a summary presentation of community and CSL ideas from class readings, feedback from the community organization on the student(s) and their placement efforts, journal notes, written 'reflection' pieces, a class presentation and a final written ‘report’ of the CSL experience and its ties to the course concepts.

The structure of the course is unique inasmuch as students are not required to go to lectures each week. There are weeks earmarked for their time commitment to the community organizations and projects with which they are involved. Students spend more time out in the field with CT403 than any other course.

The Community Internship provides a complete CSL package for students looking to make a strong connection with their community and have a unique learning experience at Laurier.

The insights and learning that come from finding connections between what we do in class, with what happens in the places where we live, is a means for myself and my students to engender heartfelt and concrete understanding and appreciation for who we are as citizens, community members, and as learners. - Dr. Robert Feagan, Instructor