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October 26, 2016
Canadian Excellence


Introduction to the Study of Christianity and Global Citizenship II (GC102) is a new and exciting CSL offering.  The course material, combined with a community placement, personal reflection, and the sharing of experiences and ideas, provides students an opportunity to come away with a truly powerful and holistic learning experience.

In GC102, students examine their Christian traditions, work on new understandings concerning faith and culture, and put it into practice in their learning placements.  Students delve into issues of racism, colonialism, global warming, economic justice, aboriginal issues, and peace building, and begin to use the informed scholarship to address those issues responsibly.

All students complete a CSL placement, in an agency of their choice, within the KW community. The commitment is typically 1.5 – 3 hours per week for approximately 10 weeks from late January to early April. There are a range of placement options, from a Church Assistant position at A.R. Goudie Eventide Home, to Games Night Volunteer or Craft Workshop Volunteer with Christian Horizons, to website development with Muslim Social Services, to joining a conversation circle at Sunnydale Community Centre.  

GC102_quote1.gifStudent CSL experiences are brought into the classroom via both individual and collaborative learning. Students write two reflection papers, which give students a chance to think about what their CSL placement means to them personally. Students also work in small groups on a Focused Project.  

The most unique element of the course is the structure during class time. It begins with the instructor or a guest giving an initial talk on the topic of the evening with students engaging in discussion as a class. Small group discussion and visual learning are also part of the class activities. The course is not only about hearing professors deliver lectures but also about inviting students to be active participants who are able to take responsibility in their own learning. Each class ends with a “learning circle” to explore a personal understanding of the topic at hand, and to share ongoing reflection of the placements.  Students are invited to share their personality, knowledge, skills and special expertise throughout the semester.  

GC102 is designed to stimulate, challenge, and expand one's insight for being a global citizen as a Christian. At the end of this semester, students will be better equipped to develop a self-critical and vibrant faith expressed in compassion, justice, understanding of difference and grateful service to others.