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September 25, 2016
Canadian Excellence



*Please note that this course may not always be available with a CSL component

SP302, Spanish Composition and Conversation II, is a unique language course with an optional CSL component. The CSL experience provides a terrific opportunity for students to put into practice their Spanish linguistics skills while at the same time they get to know and serve members of the Hispanic population of the KW region.

Students in the CSL stream volunteer are typically in a setting where they either translate documents or help to interpret oral communication. Students serve 2 to 3 hours per week for approximately 10 weeks from late January to early April. To complement the service work, students write reflection papers about their experience and create an Edcanvas Presentation to share with their classmates at the end of term. With all of these activities, the CSL component makes up 60% of a student's grade.

Even the non-CSL stream still benefits the community. Students who chose this option complete a translation assignment as part of their studies. In Winter 2013, students will be working with K-W Counselling Services to help translate documents for the menís parenting group as well as documents for their walk-in clinic. Students complete translations individually and in groups.

In this course, students aren't just practising their language skills, they're using those skills in the real world and for a good cause.