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October 27, 2016
Canadian Excellence


DPS275_quote2.gifevelopmental Psychology I: Infancy and Childhood (PS275) has been a long-running CSL success story, at both the Waterloo and Brantford campuses. In PS275, students examine developmental issues from prenatal to late childhood. The CSL placement is used to illustrate real practices and policies relevant to children and their development.

Students head out to community-based settings such as schools, daycares, community centres and not-for-profit programs; just about any placement serving 0-12 year old children. Students are actively involved with the children, observing their social and cognitive development, while also serving the organization. Students could find themselves participating in anything from direct play with children to helping organizations with administrative tasks.

child.jpgThe placement is tied to class work through a variety of activities that facilitate personal reflection on their individual experience. The assignments allow students to consider how their placement was related to, and enhanced their understanding of, course theory.

PS275 provides an excellent opportunity for students who are looking for a more “hands-on” university experience, who are interested in learning more about the care and development of young children, and who are interested in developing their service portfolio and providing much-appreciated support to the Laurier community.

"'Wow, Jean Piaget was right...babies do make the A-not-B Error.' Students who interact with young children in community settings often report that they can easily replicate simple, classic experiments taken from class lectures and theories on child development. Learning to make connections this way can only be genuinely meaningful and long-lasting." - Dr. Sybil Geldart, Associate Professor