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September 30, 2016
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Where is the Community Service-Learning office?

In Waterloo we are located in the Centre for Teaching Innovation and Excellence, 2nd Floor, 202 Regina St., and in Brantford at Dalhousie Centre, 274 Colborne St., Office DC113. Please see our maps page for more details.

Who do I contact if I am interested in having students?

The CSL coordinators are your primary contact. If you are already working with Laurier students, but would like to change the number of students you receive, or the description of what they will be helping with, then please log onto your account in the CSL portal and update your opportunities.

Will students have completed Police Record Checks?

All students are asked to apply for a PRC. As students may reside in different communities, each Police Department will have different wait times for processing.  Often it takes a few weeks for the students to receive them. If you require a PRC before a student can begin their placement, please ensure that you have included this information, along with the type of PRC required on your opportunity posted on the CSL portal (see the requirements section).

Will students have completed a TB test?

Laurier has a Wellness Centre at each campus that offers TB skin tests for students, at their personal expense. If your organization requires a TB skin test, please ensure that you have indicated this on your posted opportunity on the CSL portal (see the requirements section). 

How much time will students commit to my organization?

We ask that the students make a minimum commitment of 2 hours a week for 10 weeks. If you require more or less time or prefer a project-based approach, please indicate the requested commitment in the opportunity section of the CSL portal. We do ask your help in tracking the attendance of the students while on placement, which is tracked online through the CSL portal.  You will be notified via email when you need to verify the hours that students have submitted for their placement.  We appreciate your support in verifying this record of the student fulfilling their commitment to your organization.

Are there any other options besides the placement-based model?

We are expanding our project-based CSL database. Please contact one of the CSL coordinators if you have a project in mind. A group of students could take on a project with a specific outcome if it matches the learning requirements for their course.

What are my responsibilities to the student?

A primary responsibility is to orient the student to your organization - its structure, goals, and mandate. Secondly, a tour that involves an introduction to the people they will be working with, as well as the staff and people involved with your organization will help connect that student to the bigger-picture of what you are working towards. Setting up clearly defined roles for the student at the initial meeting will ensure that both parties are satisfied with the experience. Depending on the nature of the work, a supervisor may be required, or letting the student know who they can approach with questions, comments, and concerns may suffice.

Are there any forms I have to fill out?

When you initially register your organization on the CSL portal you will complete the online Community Partner Declaration. Once the student arrives at their placement, you will complete two forms with them.  First, there is an agreement form to sign when the student first arrives for their placement. Second, the university asks that you complete a Safety Orientation Check list with the student.  Periodically we will conduct CSL evaluations. These surveys will be optional for you to complete.

How do I access the CSL portal?

Please visit

Can I change our placement opportunities on the CSL portal?

We encourage you to update your opportunities on the CSL portal. You are free to add new opportunities, inactive opportunities, change the number of students needed, and update your organizational information. To access your site you will need your username and password. Please contact one of the CSL coordinators if you need have forgotten your username.

How can I get more students to sign up?

Please work with your CSL Coordinator to write up placement opportunities that might appeal to students. Often students will go to the organizations nearest to the campus first, and then seek out the most interesting placements after that.

What do I do if students donít contact me or donít show up?

The students know it is their responsibility to contact community partners directly. If you have received a message that a certain student has selected the opportunity with you and has either not called, or not showed up, please contact one of the CSL Coordinators with this concern. It will be handled immediately.