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September 25, 2017
Canadian Excellence


There are four fields offered each year.

International Environmental Policy

This field considers complex, global environmental issues such as climate change and biodiversity loss with an emphasis on the multi-level institutions,factors and conflicts that shape environmental and natural resource policies in a global world.


International Economic Relations

Key issues including global trade, finance and intellectual property rights are considered in the context of growing international integration and interdependence.  the field focuses on connections between states and markets, economics and politics, and international institutions and economic activity.


Human Security

This field offers rich opportunities for interdisciplinary policy investigation of a wide range of personal and collective security issues including poverty,human rights, civil conflicts, and education.


Global Governance

Global governance examines the formal and informal structures, institutions, entities, and arrangements that shape public policy solutions to global problems.  While other MIPP fields focus on particular policy areas, this field considers the broader questions and debates relating to the theory and practise of global governance.