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December 3, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Program Requirements

Students complete twelve half credit (one-term) courses over three academic terms. In the Fall term (term 1), students take four core courses.

These courses emphasize skills acquisition in economics, politics, public policy and research tools. In each of the second and third terms, students elect to specialize in one of the two international public policy fields offered in that term.

A field consists of:

  •        an economics course
  •        a political science course
  •        a third course, and
  •        an interdisciplinary seminar.

The curriculum in each field is delivered by a team consisting of three faculty members. Each faculty member has responsibility for delivering an individual course within the field and has joint responsibility for the interdisciplinary seminar.

The third course may be taught by a faculty member from geography and environmental studies, global studies, business, economics or political science. As a special topics course, this course mayvary from year to year depending on faculty interest and availability.

The interdisciplinary seminar (IDS) serves as a forum for students to integrate knowledge obtained from the field-specific courses. A substantive component of the IDS is the requirement that students undertake a research project related to the field and present their findings.  A common set of IDS requirements is adopted in all four seminars to ensure a similar IDS experience across fields.