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December 7, 2016
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Jim McGeer


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Tony Straus - MSc (completed April 2011)

MSc. studies begun Sept. 2008 - Tissue residues to effect relationships in aquatic invertebrates

I am a Wilfrid Laurier alumnus having completed my undergraduate degree in Biology.  During my undergrad my interests led me to volunteer and eventually work as a research assistant in Dr. Matt Smith’s molecular biology lab.  During my fourth year, a course in toxicology sparked my interest in the field.  After a short break to travel I joined the McGeer lab as a graduate student in September 2008.

My lifelong interest in creepy crawlies has led me to work with freshwater macroinvertebrates, and brought even more diversity into the McGeer lab. My project hopes to determine the viability of using bioaccumulation as a bio-indicator of toxic effect in aquatic environments. I will do this by relating effects in a sensitive organism (Lymnaea stagnalis), where bioaccumulation can be highly variable, to critical body contaminant concentrations in resistant organisms (Lumbriculus variegatus, Chironomus riparius).

Straus A.J., McGeer J. 2009. Bioaccumulation of Cd in Lumbriculus variegatus. Comparative Pysiology and Biochemistry Conference, University of Guelph . Febuary 6-8, 2009. Oral presentation.