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August 24, 2016
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Helpful Websites

The following is a list of additonal web sites which you may find useful and interesting.


  • "The Most Common Errors in Undergraduate Mathematics"
  • "Learning Calculus"
  • "Doing Well in Calculus"
  • The MacTutor History of Mathematics Archives

    Pre-Calculus Topics:

  • A Short Course on Trigonometry
  • webtrig
  • Algebra Review in Ten Lessons
  • Preparing for University Calculus (download the booklet - there's lots in it!)
  • Algeboard (a game with format similar to Jeopardy, testing your knowledge of high school algebra)


  • e-Calculus
  • UBC Calculus 100 Online
  • UBC Calculus 101 Online
  • The Calculus Page - Problems List
  • Calculus Tutorials - Good summary notes; unfortunately, we can't access the quizzes for practice questions.
  • Visual Calculus

    Financial Mathematics:

  • Introduction to Options
  • Campbell Harvey's Financial Toolbox (includes an extensive glossary of terms)

    Some Other Interesting (and perhaps helpful!) Sites:

  • SOS Math
  • QuickMath - Automatic Math Solutions
  • Ask Dr.Math