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September 26, 2016
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Pre-Calculus Review Notes

The following notes and problem sets are provided for those students who need to review pre-calculus topics. Much of the material comes from the Grade 11 and Grade 12 curriculum, topics with which it is assumed students are familiar. Those students who had difficulties completing the Calculus Preparation Evaluation must take the time to review this material; otherwise they will have difficulty completing the required work for their first year university calculus course (MA100, MA103, MA110* or MA129).

These files are in pdf format, so a pdf reader is required to be able to view them. The latest version of Acrobat Reader can be downloaded for free; just click here. Note that the printed version of such files does not always look the way that we want them to look, so be careful of errors (especially in some of the special notation we use) seeming to appear on printed copies.

Chapter 1 - Basic Algebra Techniques

     1.1 Sets
     1.2 Fundamentals of Arithmetic
     1.3 Algebraic Expressions
     1.4 Solving Equations and Inequalities

     Practice Problems
     Practice Problems - Solutions

Chapter 2 - Functions

     2.1 The Basics
     2.2 Creating New Functions from Old

     Practice Problems
     Practice Problems - Solutions

Chapter 3 - Analytic Geometry

     3.1 Lines
     3.2 Conics

     Practice Problems: Part A
     Practice Problems: Part A - Solutions

     3.3 Trigonometric Functions

     Practice Problems: Part B
     Practice Problems: Part B - Solutions

Chapter 4 - Exponential and Logarithm Functions

     4.1 Exponential Functions
     4.2 Logarithm Functions
     4.3 Applications

     Practice Problems
     Practice Problems - Solutions

Chapter 5 - Introductory Calculus

     5.1 Limits
     5.2 Differentiation and Derivatives
     5.3 Applications of Derivatives

     Practice Problems
     Practice Problems - Solutions