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Wilfrid Laurier University Centre for Student Success
August 26, 2016
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Drop-in Help Session Peer Tutors

MAC Manager:  Tina Balfour
      Email:       Phone: 884-0710 Ext.2077
      Office: Bricker Academic Building, Room BA432

Employment Opportunities:  

MAC Drop-in Help Session Peer Tutors

With many thanks to the support of WLUSU, the MAC expanded in Fall 2008 to include a traditional drop-in help centre.  Room BA401 on the fourth floor of Bricker Academic has become the MAC's Student Study Centre.

Any student taking a first-year introductory math course, or an introductory statistics course (offered by either the Math Department, or other academic department) will be welcome to make use of the Centre for individual or small group study.

Starting in Fall Term 2014, the MAC also runs weekly drop-in math help sessions in selected residences!

Senior students are required to form a team of Peer Tutors, who will provide explanations of concepts and strategies for problem solving to those students seeking math assistance through the drop-in hours.

Candidates must have earned a minimum grade of A- in at least two 100-level math courses, which are to include:
       one of MA110*, MA101, MA103;
and one of MA121, MA122, MA170, MA205, ST259/260 (or any intro stats course, as offered by other
                                                                    academic departments);
as well as an overall GPA of 7.0 or higher.  Additional qualifications include having excellent communication skills and the ability to model effective learning strategies. 

The time commitment is six to eight hours per week, starting the second week of classes.  Rate of pay starts at $17.00 per hour.

Third and fourth year students are preferred, but applications from students in the second year of their program will be considered as well.  Only registered WLU undergraduates may apply.

If interested, please complete the on-line form linked below, or drop by BA432 to find out more information.

MAC Employment Application: Peer Tutors (Spring 2016, May - Aug)

MAC Employment Application: Peer Tutors (Fall 2016, Sept - Dec)