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August 27, 2016
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Calculus Preparation Evaluation

Fall Term 2016, Winter Term 2017, Spring Term 2017

The Mathematics Assistance Centre coordinates the administration of the Calculus Preparation Evaluation, on behalf of the Department of Mathematics.


Are you required to take Calculus as part of your program at Wilfrid Laurier University? Or perhaps you're thinking of taking a calculus course as an elective. Your job now is to decide for which calculus course you should register.

First, if calculus is a required course, check your program requirements very carefully so that you know what your options are. The Department of Mathematics offers four entry-level calculus courses. 

A summary of the four options can be found on our Introductory Calculus Courses webpage.

Registering for a Calculus Course:

Registration into any of MA100, MA103, MA110* or MA129 will be restricted until the CPE has been completed.  Once a CPE score has been recorded, the restriction on LORIS (Laurier's On-line Registration Information System) for your account will be removed and you will be able to complete registration into the calculus course of your choosing.

In order to begin your university mathematics education in the most positive way, it is important for you to be enrolled in the appropriate course at the start of Fall Term. You should enrol in the course most suited to your present skills and future goals.  Please consider your options carefully.

We are available to help you make an informed decision.  Feel free to contact either the Mathematics Department or the advisors in your home discipline.  In Mathematics, the individuals to contact include:

Tina Balfour (CPE Coordinator) 519-884-0710, Ext.2077
Dr. Adam Metzler (Undergraduate Advisor)    519-884-0710, Ext.4656

Purpose of the CPE

Content of the Evaluation

Completing the CPE