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September 26, 2016
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Frequently Asked Questions - ADMISSIONS

How do I apply?

Applications to the Faculty of Education at Wilfrid Laurier University must be completed at the Teacher Education Application Site (TEAS): Applications for Fall 2015 admission will be available in mid-September 2014. At this site, you will find detailed information regarding admissions requirements and important deadlines. 

What are the admission requirements for the program?

Admission into the Faculty of Education is competitive and while applicants may meet the minimum requirements, admission is not guaranteed to the program. Mature students must meet the same requirements as all other candidates.

Admission into the Faculty of Education is based 50 percent on academic achievement and 50 percent on information submitted in the Experience Profile.

Applicants must have successfully completed an acceptable undergraduate degree from an accredited university by June, 30th 2014.  A minimum academic average of a 70% (B-) in the last 10 full or 20 half credit undergraduate university course equivalents is required.  Please visit the Admission Requirements section of our website for other important admission requirement information.

I have less than a 70% GPA, should I still apply?

Admission into the Faculty of Education is competitive, and applicants with less than a 70% academic average will not be considered.  The assessment process stops once an applicant does not meet the minimum academic average, and the Experience Profile will not be considered.

Will my upgraded marks count towards my admission average?

Academic averages will be assessed based on courses completed with final grades assigned by September 1, 2014.

Courses that do not have final marks assigned by the application deadline will NOT be considered towards the admission average.

Do I require "teachables"?

Teachables are not required for the primary/junior program, however, up to two teachable subjects may be selected at the junior/intermediate level. For more information, please visit the Admission Requirements section of our website.

Can I upgrade my teachable requirements?

Primary/junior applicants should NOT submit an additional transcript in January. It will not be assessed.

Does Laurier offer part-time or distance education?

No. Laurier currently offers only the full-time 8 month consecutive Bachelor of Education program at the Waterloo campus that runs from the end of August until the end of April/early May (depending on the calendar year).

Do I need to submit high school or college transcripts?

No. While some education programs require applicants to submit their high school and/or college transcripts, Laurier does not. High school and/or college transcripts that are submitted will not be evaluated, with exception to a college/applied degree which will be assessed on a case-by-case basis only by our Admissions Committee.

Do I require the primary/junior breadth courses?

You do not require any of the subjects; math, science, English and/or French to apply to Laurier's primary/junior program. Applicants who have successfully completed a half credit undergradute university course in one, or all of the areas, will receive additional points during the academic assessment of their application.

May I fax the Experience Profile to Laurier?

No.  The Experience Profile must be mailed to: Education Recruitment and Admissions Office, 75 University Avenue West, Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3C5, or delivered in person to the Admissions Office located at 202 Regina Street, Waterloo to be received no later than by Dec. 10, 2014 by 4:30pm.

Please note: faxed, scanned or e-mailed copies of the experience profile will be deemed incomplete and will not be assessed.

Please ensure that you use the set template of either the "editable" or "printable" version of the Experience Profile from our website. Do not attach additional pages or use your own Word Doc. template for Parts A or B of the profile as they will not be assessed.  This policy applies to all applicants, including those living and working abroad. 

Where do I send my documents?

Education Recruitment and Admissions Office
Wilfrid Laurier University
75 University Avenue West
Waterloo, Ontario
N2L 3C5

Does Laurier pre-assess applications or specific courses?

While we make every effort to support our applicants throughout the application process, we are unable to pre-assess individual applications or specific courses.

Should you wish to discuss admission requirements or ask questions specific to your application, excluding course specific assessments, please feel free to contact Shari Nash: or 519.884.0710 ext. 6099

You may also wish to visit one of the many information sessions offered throughout the Fall. Information sessions are designed to help you better understand Laurier's Bachelor of Education program and provide guidance through the application process. Dates and times are available online at:

Do you provide extensions on TOEFL, IELTS or PTE results?

While we understand it can take applicants some time to find and complete a test to fulfill their English Language Proficiency requirements, we are unable to extend the December 2, 2013, 4:30pm submission deadline. We strongly encourage all applicants who require the English Language Proficiency test to complete it as early as possible in order to meet the set deadline.

How do I know if you have received my documents?

Due to the high volume of applications we receive, we are unable to verify the receipt of documents over the phone or through email.

In order to ensure delivery by the deadline date, we recommend using a courier service.

You may also check the receipt of your documents through your Laurier online viewing account. Please use your 2014 Laurier ID number (your 9 digit OUAC number beginning with 14,  ending with 0, for example 14#######0) for your LOGIN ID

2. Use your birthdate (mmddyy) for your PIN

It may take us some time to input the receipt of your documents. We strongly recommend you submit your documents as early as possible in order to complete your application prior to the Dec. 10, 2014, 4:30pm deadline.

How do I calculate my GPA if I am in my final year of studies?

If you are currently in your final year of undergraduate studies, we will use your last 10 full or 20 half credit completed undergraduate courses to calculate your admission average.

We require final marks in order to assess your admission average, therefore, we will not use either your Fall 2012 or Winter 2013 marks as these courses do not have completed grades by our original deadline of Dec.3rd, 2012. Even with the extended deadline of January 8th, 2013 to receive documents, we must be equitable to all applicants whom have already applied and will be assessing ones most recently completed 10 full or 20 half-credits based on the original Dec.3rd, 2012 deadline. Fall 2012 or Winter 2013 grades will not be assessed for ones admission average. 

Can I apply with a three year general degree?

Yes. We welcome applications from individuals with either three or four year degrees. Applicants who present a four year degree are given preference through the administration of additional points in the academic assessment of their application.

We have admitted applicants with both three and four year degrees into our program.

Does Laurier accept ICAS?

No. We require applicants to obtain a course-by-course evaluation from World Education Services (WES) for degrees completed outside of Canada or the United States.

I transferred from college to university, can I still apply?

If you were awarded transfer credits from your work in college towards your university degree, you must be sure that at the time of application, you have final official marks for 10 full or 20 half credit undergraduate courses. If you do not have the required number of university courses complete at the time of application, we cannot assess an admission average and your application will be considered incomplete.

What is the start date for the Bachelor of Education program?

We currently offer one start date at the end of August that runs until the end of April or early May (depending on the calendar year). The Bachelor of Education program is a full-time program, we do not offer part-time studies for this program at Laurier. As a result, students are not admitted in the winter term beginning in January.

Do I require the junior/intermediate breadth courses?

You do not require any of the breadth subjects; math, science, English, geography/history (Canadian geography/history recommended), or fine arts in order to apply to Laurier's junior/intermediate program. Applicants who have successfully completed a half credit undergradute university in three or more of the subject areas, will receive additional points during the academic assessment of their application.

Where will I complete my practicum placement

A unique feature of Laurier's Bachelor of Education program is our Professional Development School (PDS) model. Students will spend an entire year in one school completing placements in either primary/junior or junior/intermediate classrooms; dependent on the program to which the student was admitted.

All placements will take place in either the Waterloo Region, Waterloo Catholic, Upper Grand, or Wellington District school boards. Students admitted to the program will be asked to rank their choice of school boards in order of preference, however, we cannot guarantee a particular board.

How are mature students evaluated?

Admission into the Faculty of Education is competitive and while applicants may meet the minimum requirements, admission is not guaranteed to the program. Mature students must meet the same requirements as all other candidates.

How do I accept my offer?

For those students who receive an Offer of Admission into our Fall 2013 program on April 2nd, 2013 please reserve your place in our program by following these steps:

1. Accepting your Offer of Admission through OUAC  at no later than April 17th, 2013.

2. Forward a non-refundable deposit (in the form of a bank certified cheque, money order or bank draft) of $300 addressed to Wilfrid Laurier University postmarked no later than by Wednesday, April 17, 2013. Please ensure that your full name and Laurier student ID is written on your deposit.

Important: Deposits arriving postmarked after April 17, 2013 to our Education Recruitment and Admissions Office and failure to accept through OUAC will result in your Offer of Admission being rescinded. 

*Deposits in the form of personal cheques, credit card, cash & online payments are not acceptable methods of payment. Please ensure to send your deposit in the form of a certified cheque, money order or bank draft.

What program changes are coming in 2015-2016?

Laurier's Faculty of Education will be offering two-year (four-semester) Bachelor of Education programs to prepare for teaching in the Primary/Junior or the Junior/Intermediate division, starting in 2015-2016.  The revised program design and curriculum is currently under development.