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August 27, 2016
Canadian Excellence


2013-2014 Schedule

Beginning on the first day of school fo the PDS sites, TECs spend one full day and one half day each week in their PDS site. Much of their work during the initial weeks of field-based days consists of observation, focused on the broader school context as well as individual classrooms and students. Examples of other kinds of experiences on field-based days (according to principals’ comments; see Appendix Z for meeting minutes) include small group instruction; interacting with “special” programs available in the school such as ESL, core French, special education; working together to plan an assembly on character education; all star reading; literacy support; guided reading; tutoring; and working with the teacher in whose class they will be placed for practicum.

For Practicum 1, the expectation is that TECs will teach approximately 25% of the time, mostly doing one-on-one tutoring and small group work. They are expected to teach lessons at the discretion of the associate teacher.

In Practicum 2, more whole-class responsibility is expected, as well as the opportunity to teach a unit designed by the TEC and to teach in multiple subject areas. At this point the TEC should be teaching about 50% of the time.

In Practicum 3, the TEC should work up to 100% responsibility for the instruction, under the supervision of the associate teacher. The Practicum Evaluation Form also indicates to associate teachers and TECs the criteria by which they will be assessed during the practicum. These expectations have been gathered by the faculty and vetted by the associate teachers.