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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Education
September 30, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Faculty of Ed to Offer Minor for Undergraduates

The Faculty has been approved to offer a minor in education for undergraduate students. We recognize that any number of undergraduates may be wondering about teaching as or within a career. Skills endemic to teaching are transferable to a huge number and variety of settings. Thus, the minor provides an opportunity to explore the field prior to committing to study at a Faculty of Education. In addition, the minor provides another credential on students’ transcripts.

We propose three core courses which provide an intriguing and broad-based introduction to the field of education: Images of Education in Media, The Educational Divide, and Learning in 140 Characters or Less. We plan to offer the first of these in the Spring term, 2013, with the others to follow in subsequent terms. Online offerings are being explored. In addition to the three core courses, the minor is rounded out by three electives, to be chosen from a list of over 30 courses from 12 departments across campus. We’re hopeful that the minor will be very popular! Stay tuned for an update.