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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Education
August 24, 2016
Canadian Excellence


Glocal is a co-curricular group in the Laurier Faculty of Education.  The purpose of Glocal is to raise TEC awareness and to develop education-related activities regarding global and local issues, particularly those with an ecological focus. 

This year, we are excited about a new Glocal Certificate which, upon completion, will attest to TECs’ interest, skills, and ability in glocal/environmental education. TECs will participate in four, 3-hour blocks of intense experiential learning activities throughout the year to complete the Certificate. More than 30 TECs, faculty, and alumni came to the first session with guest presenters from OISE/UT and the Butterfly Conservatory! Alumni are welcome to join our on-line group and access resources at - log-in as a student using our group code: xvs6mq


Interested in knowing more about Dr. Steve Sider's continuing work with educators in Haiti? Check out .