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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Education
September 30, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Donating: to the Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education fosters excellence in teacher education and scholarship through inquiry, reflection, and collaborative sustained partnerships in learning. The Faculty of Education program offers both a Bachelor and Masters of Education and provides important emphasis on time spent in the classroom and practice-based inquiry. 

The Faculty of Education recognizes and appreciates the continued support of numerous alumni, community partners and corporations who contribute to the success of our students and enable us to continue to engage the community with unique education, research and programming opportunities.

Current funding priorities for the Faculty of Education are as follows:

• Student Support: Providing financial assistance for students, through scholarships, bursaries or awards, is instrumental in helping students focus on their program and maximize their educational experience and success. Options are available to contribute to existing financial aid opportunities or establish new ones, perhaps in honour of someone who has contributed significantly to education in the community.

 Program Support:
The Faculty of Education has numerous innovative opportunities that engage the community, support child development and provide unique research and learning opportunities for students. Some examples of programs that are facilitated through funding of program support include the following:

o Little CountersTM is a community-based program that works with parents and their infants and toddlers in developing a critically important understanding of numeracy through purposeful play, songs, activities and movements.

LEAP (Laurier Enriched Academic Program) is a fun and innovative day camp program offered to gifted/highly able children and youth who benefit from creative approaches to learning. LEAP camps are offered Saturday mornings January-March, and week-long camps occur in July.  Funding for LEAP helps provide assistance to families who otherwise could not afford to attend.

Aboriginal Art Education Project is a special project that engages Aboriginal high school students through the creation, expression and discussion of art culminating in a special exhibit of students’ work. The project initiates discussion and understanding of different cultural experiences of students.

• InTERSECT (Institute for Teaching, Educational Research, Scholarly Excellence and Creative Thinking) An exciting upcoming opportunity that will connect students, researchers, teachers from the community, and parents, in an effort to provide unique and supplemental educational opportunities for children. The types of services will coincide with the research expertise of faculty members including literacy development, numeracy development, professional development in educational technology, gifted education, education for gifted students with disabilities, and professional development for early learning providers.

For more information on these and other opportunities within the Faculty of Education, please contact:

Janet Robinson
Development Officer
Faculty of Social Work & Faculty of Education
(519) 884-0710 ext. 2094