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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Education
August 30, 2016
Canadian Excellence


Homecoming 2011: Wishes and Dreams

For Laurierís centennial homecoming, the Faculty of Education hosted a panel of young adults who provided advice to teachers on what they wish teachers had/had not done to help them reach their dreams. The panelists had faced a number of different challenges: ADHD, Crown Ward status, aboriginal heritage, giftedness, and brain damage.

Itís not often that we ask young people for their opinions on teaching, and they have much to share with educators. The inspiring stories of these panelists challenged audience members to re-think their approaches to addressing the needs of each individual student.

The varied viewpoints of the panelists came together in one global recommendation: Get to know your students personally and find out how they best learn. This event was videotaped and may be viewed at <alumni website>