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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Education
September 29, 2016
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Educational Resources

Tools designed to help you find materials in an innovative and customized way

Searching for Education-related materials by type (teaching aids and kits, pictures, posters, and audio-visual media), or grade level has been difficult at best, so your Education Librarian has established two new resources to help you find what you need quickly and efficiently.

Library Materials
Because the library’s new Primo catalogue allows the addition of “user tags”, you will begin to see education related library materials “tagged” with useful labels such as special education, behaviour, primary level, or social studies.

For example, the e-book The Language of Mathematics Telling Mathematical Tales has been tagged: reading, online, mathematics, teaching

Books on how to teach will be tagged teaching and all books designed to be read by or to children will have the tag storybook included. To see which tags have been commonly used to date, visit Using tags will allow the Education librarian to automate lists of new items so they appear on class pages for the subject area they are associated with.

The library’s collection includes children's books, curriculum related handbooks providing insights, strategies and teaching practices, as well as lesson plans, government documents, classroom activities and teaching aids, posters, DVD’s, and the like.

Websites and online resources 
Education e-Resource Finder
Using “delicious” social bookmarking software, you can find freely available websites, web documents, lesson plans, etc. We’re in the process of moving the library’s holdings over to the Primo tagging system, so this site will continue to be useful to you as alumni.   Please consider telling us about websites that you have found to be useful with the online "contribute" button.

For more information about either of these ongoing projects, please feel free to contact Anne Kelly,